Guerra! Guerra!! Guerra, Guerra, Guerra!!!

Of all disgusting wannabe Catholics who infest the wannabe “c”atholic press, probably the most disgusting are those who want to appear moderate, or conciliatory, by suggesting that the tones have become too heated, and it is now time to, as they say, turn down the heat on the matter.

Some people really don’t get it, or else they pretend they don’t. 

Truth is the most important thing there is on this planet. Compared to it, “niceness” does not even appear on the radar screen. To ask for a verbal truce when a war for our souls is raging is exactly the same as asking for a kinder way to converse with Satan lest the proper manners are forgotten.

It boils down to this: if for you Catholic Truth is sacred, nothing else count in comparison to it. There is literally nothing else that can be seen with a binocular.

If, however, to you it’s not really important whether sacrilege becomes an accepted, officially (albeit heretically) sanctioned part of Church life, or perhaps you even secretly wish that it be so, then certainly priorities will align and a Rodney King moment will emerge: can we all just get along, please? We would like to sanction sacrilege a little piece at a time, and it’s so difficult if you make all this noise. 

No, we can’t get along. We won’t get along with heretics inside Holy Mother Church. We will not be stopped by people who don’t care for the Church calling us “nasty”. War is nasty, and it is luxury enough when the war is only verbal.

This is not a time for peace, or niceness. This is a time for war, and for calling a heretic a heretic. And no, there will never be a “both/and” when Christ has said it’s “either / or”. Everything else comes straight from Satan. 

The Evil Clown can stop this madness, if he has a brain. Does he have a brain? I don’t know. I suspect him of eating shit, so it’s difficult to gauge the reactions of such a one. But one thing I know: if the man does not back off he deserves the nuclear explosion that will follow, and such an outcome is about one million times preferable than letting widespread, mainstream, everyday sacrilege enter the sacramental life a bit at a time, for the sake of moderate tones.  

We will all die one day. I would not want to go to my judgment after having lived worrying about tones, rather than truths. 






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  1. YES. Truth does not depend for one instant whether you believe in it or not. It remains as solid as a brick wall; imagining it isn’t there and driving your car into it will always have the same predictable result. I came not to bring peace, but the sword.

  2. I think the endless ‘complacence’ is worse than the battle. This can’t last forever. I want to see the battle lines drawn!

  3. It’s asking for a nicer way, among other evils, to do abortion, euthanasia and destroy children’s souls with radical sex (abusive) “education.”

  4. it is being said, by those who call themselves christians, that war is never an option, that we have to keep the peace, pray for peace, that we have to keep our hearts clean not getting involved in a war, that that’s being just like the enemy, that christians don’t fight, that God will judge in due time, and blah blah.

    Cowards, enemies of the faith! Their silence allows for the atrocities taking place under their noses. Their non involvement, their non violence, gives space for the enemy to act, and advance, and triumph. Yes, they say, but only in the outside, in the visible.

    Not true! Many souls are being torn apart with every step of the enemy. And silence is consenting.

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