Correction Possibly Already In January, Says Cardinal Burke


The newest development in the matter of the dubia are now on LifeSiteNews.  Quote: 

“Now of course we are in the last days, days of strong grace, before the Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord, and then we have the Octave of the Solemnity and the celebrations at the beginning of the New Year – the whole mystery of Our Lord’s Birth and His Epiphany – so it would probably take place sometime after that.”

The cardinal, who is the patron of the Sovereign Order of Malta, said the format of the correction would be “very simple.”

“It would be direct, even as the dubia are, only in this case there would no longer be raising questions, but confronting the confusing statements in Amoris Laetitia with what has been the Church’s constant teaching and practice, and thereby correcting Amoris Laetitia,” he said. 


Two elements emerge: 

  1. The awaited correction of Amoris Laetitia is scheduled for ” sometime after the Epiphany. I think it’s reasonable, when reading the timeline of events mentioned by the Cardinal as, so to speak, in the way of an earlier declaration, to expect it for sometime before the end of January. 
  2. The correction will (at least at this stage) pertain to Amoris Laetitia only. Therefore, it will not entail a formal declaration that the Pope is himself a heretic. However, it seems to follow from the premises that if Francis, after the correction of Amoris Laetitia, insists in not answering the dubia he will, at some point, have to be declared a heretic in view of his obstinacy. 

It is impossible not to see in the interview a further warning to Pope Francis. It is also noticed by more and more people (Edward Pentin already did it, now Ross Douthat agrees) that if not Amoris Laetitia, but the dubia were scandalous we could not save ourselves from a tidal wave of public declarations of solidarity with the Pope and condemnation of the Four Cardinals. Nothing of the sort is happening, and the only ones who have run to defend the Pope were notorious dissenters, perverted Jesuits, and “philosophers” once again licking the boots of those in power, as they have done all life. None of those silent bishops can be called in any way courageous, or even right, as they have the darn duty to defend the teaching of the Church with more than silence. However, I can’t imagine that Francis hasn’t got the message. 

Sadly, Francis has already seen that these bishops are very ready, and many of them willing to be strong-armed (the dismal silence after Amoris Laetitia is ample evidence of this), so at this point it requires a healthy dose of optimism to think that Francis will simply cave in. Remember: the dubia have already cut off any possibility for him to waffle himself out of the situation. Therefore, either he or the Cardinals will have to lose face on this.

I had thought that, the Vatican ways being always so slow, Francis would have been given more ample time to reflect on how to organise his defeat, as it seemed not realistic to me that after the Cardinals need five months to decide that Amoris Laetitia is very, very bad, they would not give Francis an even longer time to come to the same conclusion. Still, this correction still appears to be scheduled around four full months after the original letter, and the Cardinals might be trying a last display of determination after having been informed that Francis will not answer the dubia, full stop.

As Christmas approaches, I invite all my readers to set aside the polite fluff and sincerely, openly pray the Lord that he may, in His mercy, rid us of this unspeakable disgrace of a Pope.



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  1. “Rid us of this unspeakable disgrace of a Pope”. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful Christmas present! Let us pray that his conversion or departure happens very soon.

  2. It would be most fitting to issue the formal correction of the Bergoglian Heresy next sunday and the Blasphemer’s eventual deposition on Easter Sunday, so that the rebirth (renaissance) of the Church may be forever associated with the days of birth and resurrection of Her Savior.
    Then have the conclave elect the Heresiarch’s replacement on Pentecost. His first job would be to excommunicate and depose all cardinals, bishops and priests who continue to follow the deposed Bergoglio instead of the new Pope, appointing Catholics as replacements. Then restore the Traditional Faith and Liturgy, outlaw the NO, issue a syllabus of the errors of modernism and Bergoglianism, making all priests swear an oath against these heresies. Use lie detectors. Depose everyone who fails the test or refuses to take it. “Reset” the Church to 1962, then go from there. Make Christendom great again. Call Trump and Mad Dog Mattis for advice on how to be men and read Pius X. and XII. for advice on how to be Catholic.

    But nothing is going to happen, of course. At some point next summer, the pussycat cardinals are going to issue a weak VII-infested “clarification” of “some confusing points” without even raising the question of heresy. It will be vaguely conservative in sound, like all VII pronunciations, but toothless and truth-less. Francis will then continue to ignore this travesty with no consequence.

    The pussycats will sit down, content that they have shown the required token opposition so that modernism may continue to spread practically without opposition as it has since VII.

    They are confusing Catholicism with VII “moderate modernism”.

    Cardinal Burke is the Jeb Bush of the Catholic Church.

  3. By the way, why would the Pope answer the “dubia”? Everybody with a brain already knows that he does not believe in Catholicism. He has given enough clear and unequivocal public statements to answer all questions the cardinals have posed. He has even stated that there is only one interpretation of AL – the heretical one. If they prove unable or unwilling to put two and two together, that is their problem.

    But imagine for a moment that Los Cuatros Cardinales are actually serious about correcting heresy. They issue the correction of AL. They bark. The Pope ignores them; many cardinals and bishops condemn them for disloyalty and schismatic mentality. That is nonsense, of course, but few know enough about the Church to notice.

    But the Cardinals are actually serious, we are imagining. They accuse him of heresy, asking one last time for a retraction and, not getting it, declare him a heretic and depose him.

    The other cardinals and bishops, being modernists, are not going to abide by the deposition. They will continue to regard Bergoglio as Pope, as will the rest of the world and the media, of course. Bergoglio will excommunicate the Four Cardinals and their handful of followers. They will meet somewhere to select a new Pope. To the whole world, they will look like sedevacantists do today.

    God will know better and in the end they will triumph and restore the Church, but Bergoglio does not believe in God, but rather in the triumph of modernism and the one world religion. His standing in the world will not suffer – he would continue to look like the Pope. So again, from his point of view, why would he answer the “dubia”, except with a sneer?

    • The issue of issuing the correction is not a deposition. That won’t happen, for sure.
      It is to nuke this papacy once and for all.
      Sanity will be restored one day anyway, but this papacy would be nuked now, as Francis still walks and breathes. In one thousand years, the correction will be remembered. Again, I do not think the cardinals would then be able to avoid declaring him a heretic and save face. I wonder if even Jeb Bush could swallow that.
      i do not thin kit is prudent to expect more for the time being. I would actually be happy enough it the correction happens in the first place.

    • “i do not thin kit is prudent to expect more for the time being. I would actually be happy enough it the correction happens in the first place.”

      I agree. If they even manage to call it a “correction” and do not pretend that they are merely “clarifying” some “confusing expressions”.

      But I do not agree that this Papacy would be “nuked” or even seriously damaged at all by the possible “correction”. Its immediate impact would be rather minimal. Apart from the rather small group of traditionalists, the correcting Cardinals would be dismissed as crazy fundamentalists, reactionaries, far-right hardliners etc. Their doctrinal correction would only confirm existing impressions of Francis – a courageous reformer who forcefully brings the Church into modern times, even against futile hateful resistance by the forces of evil. Traditionalists, on the other hand, are already united in their opposition to the heretic.

      If there is no intention to escalate to the level of deposition (and I agree there is likely none), Francis has even less reason to answer the dubia or be worried by them. I think they are only important in the long run – as evidence to future generations of Catholics that there were some people in the hierarchy not wholly corrupt, though unwilling to take any risks for the defense of Christ, Church and Faith.

      Everyone who cares already knows Bergoglio is a heretic – everybody else will not suddenly start to care just because some cardinals meekly exhort their superior to be somewhat more clear in his writing style in the future….

    • The impact would be devastating from a historic point of view. This papacy would be nuked in the eyes of posterity.
      in the daily activity, I very much doubt the bishops will dare to revolt to Francis as long as he lives. When he dies, a lot of them will suddenly discover orthodoxy.

  4. Has anyone here seen ANYTHING as to what this “correction” would entail? A written note? A press conference? Where will it held? Who will be involved? Burke? The Four? Any others? (crickets).

    While I would love to see an auditorium full of Cardinals and Bishops, meeting in full regalia, make a public rebuke against the Francis, declaring him a unrepentant heretic and thus self-deposed, I can not see it actually happening. Please, tell me where am I wrong? Show me when in the past 30+ years has any of these Princes of the Church stood for Christ and against Modernism.

    • It would most certainly be a written declaration from the cardinals, given to the press. Can’t imagine press conferences to “launch” it, though there would be huge attendance if that were the case.

    • I can imagine a press release, a press conference at the most. Not many Cardinals. A lot of journalists, though….

  5. Hi, M. I don’t see a ‘contact me’ link, so I hope you don’t mind my asking you a question here. My parents have just celebrated their golden anniversary, and I wanted to give them an apostolic blessing from the Vatican as my grandparents had (beautifully framed on their wall). I’m sure it would have a big picture of Francis’ ugly mug on it. Would you go ahead and get them the blessing parchment anyway, or is it something that one wouldn’t want on their wall? What if he’s later declared a heretic… Oh my. What do you think?

    Thank you!

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