Two Of A Kind


Former priest, now full-time heretic commie Leonardo Boff said it very clearly: Francis is one of us.

He gives facts and places, too: a meeting not happened because Francis was too angry after the thirteen cardinals letter, and an official request of material written by a heretic for his own opus diabolicum.

What kind of chap Boff is would be clear, to casual observer who does not know him, simply by reading this interview: he states he still “celebrates” every now and then, and talks of women deacon with the same levity with which I talk of Italian football.

Such a man openly claims his vicinity to Francis, a Pope who uses his writings for his own heretical “pastoral” documents.

In sane times, such an interview would cause an immediate, scandalised denial from the Vatican. In this case, you may be sure the reaction will be the usual one: silence, and a “wink-wink” to heresy.

From their friends you will recognise them. 





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  1. I think this Leonardo Boff’s action is not a coincidence.
    “Bergoglio’s friends” and his bosses are pushing him to action.
    I think they’re also threating him -> you are one of us, so we know much more about our common past actions.

    • Another interesting perspective: if he is blackmailed by the ones towards proclaiming heresy and stopped by the other sin his tracks, this is a true “rock and hard place” situation…


  2. The evidence against Pope Francis piles higher by the day.

  3. All of us who have followed heretic homo-Bergoglio from his days in Argentina have been stating the obvious since he was elected: he has shown complete religious indiferentism, universalism and an utter ignorance of history and economics. He was functional to “liberation theology,” among other heresies. He left Catholicism in Argentina in shambles, especially his diocese of Buenos Aires where there is almost no faithful people left.

    Brazil, where the boorish lewd all man presided over “World Youth Day” a couple of years ago is suffering the same “Francis effect”:

    Catholic Shrinkage: Has Brazil Given Up On Jesus?

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