Mundabor’s Men Of The Year Award 2016

This year, this little effort will not only wish a happy 2017 to its readers, but also give an Award for Man Of The Year 2016 (note the absence of politically correct gender rubbish). 

This having been an unbelievable year, yours truly has decided to split the prize in three. All perfect things, they say, come in three. 

The first of the three winners is Nigel Farage. I cannot remember, in recent decades, of any one who achieved a result of such importance as Brexit, little by little, for many years, fighting against all odds until final victory; a victory which will have British students having to remember his name for centuries to come. Not only intelligent but well prepared, extremely witty and not prone to being bought by promises of power and influence, Farage is the kind of chap you should feel obliged to like even if you disagree with him. May the Lord bless him and give him, and the other two, abundant blessings in life and a good death.


The second of the three ex aequo winner is Julian Assange. This improbable hero of conservatism, once much praised by Leftist milieus when he was leaking material concerning the Iraq operations of the Bush administration, suddenly found himself out of favour when his love for hidden truth extended to the DNC and the Clinton Clan. Alas, Hillary did not get her wish to “drone” him. Unfortunate for her, pretty good for all of us. I am not saying here that Assange was decisive in the election’s outcome (those looking for handouts and easy abortions would have voted her if she had been found to eat children alive, but he certainly contributed to opening the eyes of more than a few), but that his willingness to take up on the Clinton Clan deserves the highest praise irrespective of the influence his work had on the honest electors. It is good that there are people like Assange. It is a strength of the West. 


The third winner is, as you all have already imagined, The Donald himself. What this man has achieved has a magnitude only the most retarded among the already brain-challenged Libtards still struggle to grasp. Donald Trump is the best demonstration of the last years that it is not true – as Marxist view of history would have you believe – that economic processes and social conditions unavoidably cause the emergence of people who are, in fact, merely the result and product of what was just there. This is not the case. Some people literally make history by creating events – or, in this case, a movement – few people could even imagine, much less consider inevitable or bound to happen at some point. Donald Trump is the man Providence has given us to create something considered by most soi-disant intelligent observers not only improbable, but laughably stupid. 


As this incredible year approaches its end, it is fitting to say a prayer, or three, for the three men who, to various degrees, changed history in 2016. 

Your humble correspondent hopes to be able to write such an article, at the end of 2017, about the Four Cardinals. Alas, the latter still have to demonstrate one tenth of the steely determination, clarity of vision and absolute devotion to the cause of the three gentlemen described above. Yet, we should pray for them too, as we enter the year of the supposed big confrontation: that they may fight like Crusaders for the faith, as they are supposed to.  


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  1. Happy New Year to you Mundabor!!

  2. Farage is a great man, a man who has faced death not once but several times. And in his passion, when he was offered the world, he found he was a good man and rejected it.

    You can tell a great leader, because they do not need to be in office in order to lead.

  3. Well, I think this video is an excellent wrap up of 2016, which for me was unexpectedly, unbelievably, good:

  4. I do not agree, you can´t omit Vladimir Putin betwen the first three. He beated Obama in the middle east chessboard fair and square ending the “arab springs”.

    • I don’t think Putin had much to do with it. The problem there is the inability to reconcile Islam and democracy, something Putin himself could not fix if he wanted to.

  5. Does anyone know if Mr Assange has been seen since last autumn? I pray he is safe.

  6. Great choices! Another consideration for Man of the Year is the Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson. If you have not heard of him, it’s worth learning about him and his work. He has single handly and courageously been fighting the tyranny of political correctness at the University of Toronto. Peterson has been verbally attacked for refusing to use gender neutral pronouns and gender fluidity. His “New Year Letter to the World” is surely one of the best messages you will hear in 2017 and beyond,

  7. Beautiful Choices! All three!

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