Fraternal Attempted Corrections

I don't know you, but when I read the Catholic news I can't think of anything else than the now eagerly awaited correction: will it come? When? Signed by whom? Will it be necessary in the first place?

As already written in the last days, it is reasonable to suppose that such a correction will be made to Francis in camera caritatis first. The issue here is not whether Francis will be persuaded by the Cardinals; the issue is, rather, whether the private warning will be a credible threat, sufficient to persuade Francis to backpedal, or not.

Here is where it gets strange. Francis has certainly surrounded himself with sycophants telling him the Cardinals are isolated. However, the climate of fears the man himself has created will not encourage any bishop or Cardinal to have a word with him in private to try to dissuade him from being stubborn. Therefore, it is likely that whatever the Cardinals tell Francis – for example, “we have three dozen Cardinals and more than one hundred bishop ready to support us when we publicly correct you” – they will not be believed.

I have written on several occasions that if Francis is smart he will prefer to cave in. But the thing is, there are many signs indicating that the man is not smart. He will believe what is friends tell him and think that the silence of the others is, if not approval, at least acquiescence. He would underestimate the menace of orthodox bishops even if such a menace were to materialise. He will see no reason whatever to comply with the request of the Four Cardinals and answer – in the proper way, of course – to the Dubia.

It is, therefore, at this point more likely that the ball goes back in the half of the Four Cardinals. It is for them to now do what they – through Cardinal Burke – do what they say they would and let Francis taste the excrements of his own pontificate.

Alas, this us one who might even like the exercise.




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  1. Bergolio is not “theologically” smart, but he’s an absolute whiz at doing and saying anything he deems necessary to further his agenda, which is reforming the Church.

    The four Cardinals could chase him to the ends of the earth with all the claptrap he’s said and done and he would never retract any of it.

    Remember, he believes he’s being guided by The Holy Spirit!

    He’s going nowhere without the help of God unless he is somehow convinced to resign the Seat due to “health” reasons, and that’s not very probable either.

    • I don’t think saying whatever crosses his mind qualifies as smart in any way, shape or form.
      A heretical pope who is also smart could make far more damage in a much more subtle way.
      This one here is a peasant in a china shop.

  2. Irenaeus of New York

    The existence of other orthodox cardinals sympathetic to the gang of four is probably a myth. If they are too afraid to speak up now, how much more fearful will they be when they are faced with a real choice that requires action and not merely a dubia.

    Prediction: When the correction comes, I expect Francis to compel Benedict to defend him.

    • Could be. But honestly I think there could be a number of them that would only speak when Francis has partout refused to answer the Dubia. Convenient, I know, but these people do love convenience.

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