Cardinal Mueller’s Nonsense



In a year that will be, I am afraid, rich in absurdities and completely nonsensical statements Cardinal Mueller has made a rather desperate, completely illogical, and ultimately not very intelligent attempt to take Francis’ chestnuts out of the fire without burning him, or himself.

The cardinal manages the astonishing feat of stating both that there is no contradiction between Francis’ Amoris Laetitia and the teaching of the Church, and that it is wrong for the Cardinals to ask him to say so. 

If Francis believes that there is no contradiction, then it should be no problem at all for him to answer the dubia in the only possible way. Seriously, this is something that Mueller and Francis (seen the atrocious ignorance of the latter) could settle over breakfast every morning. Three minutes. Five, tops.

Cardinal Mueller also fails to notice the growing number of FrancisBishops, from various parts of Europe and the Americas, who actually openly proclaim that Francis’ excrementation has, actually, changed doctrine, and the great confusion and danger for the faith this causes.

Francis is an ignorant boor unable to see further than his nose, a vulgar peasant completely out of his depth. But there can be no doubt that Cardinal Mueller knows better than this nonsense, and is fully aware of the non-existence of even the pretense of a case for non answering the Dubia.

Finally, the Cardinal avoids a fundamental question: how on earth it is justifiable that a Pope would allow such an open quarrel to happen, without saying – in Mueller’s mind – what he already thinks. If my enemy asks me to confirm that two and two is four, and threatens me with world war unless I confirm this elementary truth, I will not be the one who remains silent about what I myself believe, just in order to show the world that I should not have been asked whether two and two is four in the first place. Such a reasoning would show an arrogance, a contempt for the faithful and the Church, a childishness, an utter lack of any form of adult thinking, that shames the one who should act in this way almost as much as the open proclamation of heresy.

In the end, though, Cardinal Mueller’s message means this: “I have tried to make the old man see reason, but he is stubborn like the Argentinian donkey he is. Therefore, the Dubia will have no answer, and I am the one who must now go in front of the journalists’ block notes and try to justify the unjustifiable (because, clearly, I have no intention of putting my own office on the line)”.

It goes without saying that Mueller has now officially made of himself an accomplice of the Pope. If he thinks he can escape the judgment of both history and his Lord simply by hiding behind his finger, he is not much smarter than Francis.

I hope the Cardinals understand the signals and deliver their private ultimatum to the Evil Clown soon. After which, they will have to prove their mettle, and put an end to this absurd madhouse discussion by stating what every Catholic has the right to be told:

that Francis spreads heresy, and is a heretic himself. 









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  1. In his position as Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Mueller had a great opportunity to publicly refute the Pope’s error, but he has chosen to remain in his comfort zone, esteemed by his Modernist peers. He seems to be one of the smarter advisors surrounding the Pope (not hard considering his competition is from people like Father “2+2=5” Spadaro), so he must see the contradiction between Church doctrine and AL. IMO the reasons that Francis won’t answer the Dubia are because a) he is a stubborn old mule like in the above picture, and b) he doesn’t want to directly proclaim heresy. He prefers to do it gradually, tucked away in flowery, merciful language and footnotes, written by sycophants. He would like for the whole issue to go away because it is distracting and slowing the momentum of his Church-wrecking mission.

    The surrogates seem to be warning (threatening?) the four Cardinals not to proceed with the formal correction. This pontificate knows that where the Dubia leads is to their little house of cards tumbling down, and that’s why they are trying so hard to suppress it. I hope and pray that Cardinal Burke and the others do not cave in but continue the process. This is the only canonically legal way to depose Francis. He’s not going to go on his own, and the worst ones always live forever! (Sorry to be so long)

  2. “Like the Argentinian donkey he is”
    You don’ t need to offend all we Argentinians to discuss this topic. Bergoglio’ s awful behaviour is not our fault.

  3. I am worried about this, for the shepherds may be leading a church to a schism. I have seen these up close and personal. They are not edifying. I’m referring to this weeks Aussie Spectator (not sure if you get the same essays) — see

    Keep up the skeer, Brother.

  4. We need divine intervention, hopefully soon. I see no other answer as the indifferent are overwhelming the few soldiers holding the fort.



    “Do not say, ‘His mercy is great, He will forgive the multitude of my sins.’ For both mercy and wrath are with Him, and His anger will rest on sinners. DO NOT DELAY to turn back to the Lord, and do not postpone it from day to day; for suddenly the wrath of the Lord will come upon you, and at the time of punishment you will perish.” – Ecclesiasticus 5:6-7


    “Yet conscience can do more than recognize that a given situation does not correspond objectively to the overall demands of the Gospel. It can also recognize with sincerity and honesty what for now is the most generous response which can be given to God, and come to see with a certain moral security [????] that it is what God himself is asking [GOD IS “ASKING” ME TO REMAIN IN MY SIN?] amid the concrete complexity of one’s limits, while yet not fully the objective ideal.” – Amoris Laetitia paragraph # 303 by Francis

  6. Not so much a vulgar peasant and ignorant boor as a too smart Jesuit taken over by a filthy cunning, invisible spirit with hoofs and horns! Same thing for spokesman Muller who can’t seem to get it straight but that is because he knows he is not telling the truth. Captain Francis and Co. are spreading hate and dissention down through the arteries and veins of Peter.

    What is the antidote to awaken the passengers and crew on Peter’s Barque? The passengers in the hold will rise! A mutiny is on the horizon! These passengers are poor, all but their worn smooth Rosary beads!

    A fair wind from heaven will blow soon as it did at Lepanto. I hope that Francis does not suffer the same fate as Captain Ali Pasha did at the hands of Captain Don Juan.

    His bleeding head carried on high in the victory procession!

    • I must disagree.
      The man is truly stupid, and unable to control his pettiness even in little things.
      His great luck is that among his adversaries even Burke passes for a tough guy.
      If he had against him Donald Trump’s little finger, he would be incinerated.

    • Ah I was just trying to be a good lady because he is Pope! It is wearing me down however. I ask myself ‘if he is really stupid and ignorant, how did he get such control? I have been attributing it to an evil psyche. He is just plain mean spirited. He is narcissistic and he is selfish. He is vulgar purposely. He knows what he is saying when he does his potty mouth. He has a purpose. That is to divide and poison. Perhaps his name should be Papa Wormwood … “the fallen star is guilty of pride, hypocrisy and rebellion, when he assumes unlawful authority over others and perverts and refuses submission to the true order established by Christ.” Wormwood is a star and a Bishop according to The Book of Destiny Fr. Herman Bernard Kramer (but who am I to know? lol)

    • “I ask myself ‘if he is really stupid and ignorant, how did he get such control?”

      The Lord allows evil to happen so that, out of this evil, good may come in the end. Also, we live in a very imperfect world where, all to often, the stupid, the false and the sycophants prosper whilst the intelligent and decent people remain in the shadow.

      Francis is merely a rather extreme example of that, in tune with the rather extreme nature of this crisis.

      I thank the Lord that, having allowed such a heretic to become Pope, he has made our work easier by making it so evident that Bergoglio is an ignorant boor.


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