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Old Case Scenario

Imagine that the “correction” thing ends up in a soap bubble: no correction is issued, or it is a correction that does correct, or some other V II rubbish that manages to say half a word whilst praising the Evil Clown with ten. What then?

In this very likely scenario, we must focus on one main concept: we are alone, because the shepherds have abandoned us. We will have to go through life – very possibly, until its natural end – clinging to what we know to be the truth, and refusing to listen to all those who, left and right, tell us how fine things are; or, worse, how bad we are.

But in this – very likely – scenario, would we really be alone? Well, not really.

We would be in the company of Christ, most assuredly preferable to whatever majority or unanimity you can find among prelates in this disgraceful age. We would also be in the company of sixty generations of past Christians, who lived and died in the Truth just as we hope to do. We would, finally, not be in a dissimilar situation from the one in which our Christian forefathers found themselves in the time of Arius. Their situation was much more difficult than ours, because they had no comparable precedent to look back to. Still, they chose to be on the side of Christ – where you are never alone.

On the contrary, reflect that those who are really alone are Francis and the bunch of reprobates aiding and abetting him (this includes, as per today, almost all Bishops and Cardinals). They are fools believing there is safety in number, without thinking that without Christ there is no safety by any number, and that they are nothing but a bunch of small-time heretics in the great scheme of Church things. When we look at the entire Christian picture diachronically, Francis & Co. do not count for much; and unless they repent they will rot in hell, utterly forgotten, like many members of numerous heresies of the past, heresies whose names people couldn't tell you to save their own life.

Therefore, do not be anxious, and do not spend sleepless nights wondering what is going to happen. You and yours are going to stay on the side of the Lord no matter what: this is what is going to happen! Nor will we be the ones who are isolated. We will be in most excellent company all the time. It is our and our Lord's enemies who will discover, one day, what real isolation is.

Do not fear. Do not waiver. Do not expect your faith to rest on the fragile underpinning of a Cardinal Burke, or of any other V II prelate. Prepare for the worst case.

The worst case scenario is nothing more than the old case scenario.



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