Donald Trump Is The Strongest Defender Of Catholicism On The Planet.

No more nonsense



The “Mexico City policy” is the rule that an NGO either performing or promoting the holocaust of the unborn outside of the United States cannot receive any federal funding for all the activity the very same organisation performs inside the United States. The rule makes sense, as that organisation would otherwise be able to direct more resources to the killing of the unborn abroad even as it keeps “looking good”, and cashing money, inside the US.

The “Mexico City policy” – terminated by the Gay Mulatto, if memory serves, in the very first days of his disgraceful presidency – has now been reinstated by President Trump.

I read the news, and I compared the strong action of President Trump in the defence of the unborn with the subtle and not so subtle attempts of the Evil Clown to downplay the issue among his very sheep (remember the need of “not obsessing”?). I also notice that the end of Obamacare spells the most definitive end (after the judicial decision) for the obligation of religious institutions and Christian employers to directly finance the provision of abortion for their own employees. I do not remember any crusades of the Evil Clown in the matter, either.

And it goes on. The “LGBT” internet site of the Gay Mulatto White House has already disappeared. The selection of a Supreme Court judge who called Roe vs Wade an “abomination” is well in the cards, though less risky names might be preferred. The danger of persecution for Catholic expressing their views seems a distant event. I might be forgetting something.

In short, Trump has done more for the unborn and for Catholic values in almost four days than Pope Evil Clown Francis has done in almost four years.

It goes to show the amount of satanical infiltration currently afflicting the Church.

Long live President Trump. May he be inspired by our Lord ( Who works in mysterious ways) to promote more and more of the issues dear to our Catholic hearts.

And may this disgraceful Pontificate end soon, and be thrown in the ash heap of church history, where it belongs.



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  1. Trump is shaming Pope Francis along with all the wish washy members of USCCB.

  2. Mr. president is a real and the best ‘trump’ of God we have right now.
    He is ‘Mr. Constantin the Great’ of our modern times.
    We should and must pray for Mr. Trump.

    • I agree.
      He is the new Constantine.
      Not a saint. Possibly not even really a Christian. But God Willing, the man of Providence for our times.

  3. And it’s not just the unborn… For 8 years the Obamas tried to get us to eat right & exercise yet after just one day Trump got about a million fat women outside & walking. 😉

  4. sixlittlerabbits


  5. It’s more important than ever, that every good pastor push really hard for as many as possible to attend the “March for Life,” this coming Monday (Our Bishops can’t be relied on). A great turnout would be a powerful rebuke to the disgraceful demonstrations this past Saturday. Additionally, it would be a great show of support and encouragement to show the President, help him to know he maintains strong backing as long as he continues to do the right things!

  6. Excellent analysis I agree 100 %. During the vile Obama years, or the LGBT Occupation, I found it impossible to keep track of all the crimes, scandals, etc… Now after only 5 days, its impossible to keep track of all the amazing things Trump has acheived. He has also signed an executive order to defund planned parenthood, and has promised a large presence of his administration at the upcoming March for Life, something which has never happened before. One the highest level persons in his cabinet will be a major speaker at the march, Kellyanne Conway. We in America are seeing something miraculous unfold before our eyes, and hopefully Catholics everywhere will pray that this continues, to the greater glory of God, and the peace and welfare of many.

    • Like you I am astonished, speechless at the speed the man is imposing on his administration.
      As I have said in another comment, this is a force of nature.


    Some news funky tried to trip up Trump with the March for Women. Trump trumped him with the annual media blithe ignoring of the March for Life. #MAGA

  8. He looks like another George Washington who God chose to lead the revolution. God had protected Washington from any enemy’s harms and many miracles had taken place during the independent war to help him. One most valuable reward God gave to His just man is the conversion to His Church in the last minutes. High potential Pres. Trump will has that reward if he continues defending the weakest unborn, God’s creatures. May Holy Spirit grant him the wisdom of righteousness and “Fear the Lord.”

  9. Interesting article on Steve Bannon, strategic advisor to Trump. Bannon, an Irishman, has strong Catholic roots, though because of his 3 marriages, is probably not a practising Catholic.

  10. M, you can check out from library the book “Life of George Washington” by Everett, Edward, Sheldon & Co. NY, 1860 or easy way to have articles online “George Washington, Father of Our Nation,” “George Washington’s Deathbed Conversion to Roman Catholicism,” etc. God bless.

  11. thewisershopper

    This will sound corny. When I watched Trump and his elegant and graceful family descend the elevator in Trump Tower at his campaign launch, I thought of angels coming down from Heaven. As I’ve said to others, all I need to know about voting for Trump is looking at his family.

    • Boy, that was corny!! 😉

      (P.S. however, I must admit every time I look at Ivanka I think she would be excellent for posing as the Blessed Virgin for a painting).

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