Feminists, Check Your Privilege! Trannies Blast Oppressive Femginas


In a rather funny turn of even (albeit I must admit everything these people do and say turns out to be funny in a tragic way) the march of the wymyn has been sharply criticised by trannies and assorted freak shows. 

We discover things we would have have never imagined at the heart of the feminist movement.

They are too White.

They “exclude” freak shows (yes: they are disgusted themselves!) 

They believe absurd things like, for example, that “a vagina is essential to womanhood”. Tranniephobia!!!

I mean: really? Don’t these fat, ugly, white feminist (and their cats) understand that the Trannies are fighting exactly the same “civil right” fight the Suffragettes were fighting 100 and more years ago? Where will it end if the “oppressed” of yesteryear do not show solidarity with the “oppressed” of today?

Come on, fat White feminists! Show us your mettle!

We want to see a colourful collection of trannies and assorted freak shows, in the first very row, at every one of your marches. We want you to organise yourselves according to strictly political correct criteria (White women out! Black trannies in!). We want to see you give the oppressed the lead, instead of patronising them with your White Angry Privilege!

As for myself, I will continue to believe that if the Blessed Virgin did not feel oppressed, so shouldn’t they; that women as a sex have – with the complicity of weak men – been working at the ruination of their own lives for now more than one hundred years;  and that the weak men, as a sex, of our generation are the main cause – and at the same time the fitting punishment – for the feminist madness we are living.

As for myself, besides remaining of my opinion, I am glad to be in the company of this man, however politically incorrect he may have been:

“The women’s suffrage movement is only the small edge of the wedge, if we allow women to vote it will mean the loss of social structure and the rise of every liberal cause under the sun. Women are well represented by their fathers, brothers, and husbands.”

Winston Churchill. 



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  1. Yes. Great quote by Churchill, btw. So very, very few women, even good Catholic ones, understand and are okay with that.

    • It’s the brainwashing of modern times. “Emancipation” has become a religion accepted more unquestionably than even the most obvious truths of faith. It is time to slowly start talking about sanity again.

  2. Thanks for the Churchill quote. That man was a mine of clear thinking.

    White privilege? I do feel sorry for my whiteness but if I show myself in black-face I’ll be pilloried for making fun of black people, or being blacka-ophobic, or worst of all racist! I’m a non-white-wanna-be but I’m trapped!!! Can I have a crowd-funding effort so I can go to Arizona and work on my tan? At least I’ll be making an effort to not be so white.

    • We need a new “skin theory”.
      if I decide that I am black, you must make have all the positions in universities ert. reserved for minorities.

  3. I believe I am a competent, thoughtful voter. Unfortunately I have worked with very many women who make me doubt they should be allowed to vote. Perhaps one vote per family would work. If a woman is too hysterical to make a convincing argument to her husband for her candidate, she does not merit being heard.

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