Ruining The Party


Every day that God sends on Earth I am afraid of looking on Canon212  , fearing very much that Francis has made himself heard with another heretical, blasphemous, perverted, communist, or otherwise stupid initiative and/or statement. I am sure millions share my feelings, though only a tiny part of them visits the Catholic blogosphere regularly. 

Like many of my readers, I ma of the opinion that whilst the absolute number of Catholics who read Catholic blogs is relatively small, the influence they have is huge. 

Let us imagine that you are the usual Catholic; one, that is, with a thin varnish or Catholicism covered by a thick layer of ignorance, with on top of that the cherry of lazy disposition (the usual Catholic is generally Catholic enough to know, or at least sense, that if he were to deepen his knowledge of Catholicism some uncomfortable truths would be unearthed, which now lay comfortably hidden beneath the thick strata of ignorance). As you hear, here and there, about Francis’ “novelties” and “refreshing approach” to all matters Catholic you are curious, or vaguely disturbed, or outright uncomfortable, and go browsing on the Internet to know what is what. That’s where you find… us, the countless bloggers and commenters. 

Suddenly you, usual Catholic of the garden variety (thin layer of doctrine buried under thick layer of ignorance) have no doubt anymore about what is what. A Pope despised and considered heretic by faithful, well- educated, well-instructed Catholics is what. 

You may, being one of the garden variety, not really deepen the matter (see above: “uncomfortable truths”, of which you have already read enough in one internet seating to last you a long time). However, one thing you know: Francis is as much Catholic as Tony Blair is Labour. Yes, literally and legally a member of the group and (at the one or other time) its head; but certainly one who does not represent the grassroots and, in general, the very group he belongs to. Now, Garden Variety Catholic may dismiss the Labour grassroots without any trouble; but he has enough sensus catholicus to know that when countless faithful Catholics throw stones at the Pope, the face is irretrievably gone. 

Francis, a man whose mother’s profession is more and more mysterious to me, senses this very well. Whilst certainly not a genius, he has enough brain to understand that this pesky Catholics are ruining his party. Instead of Johnny going away at the same time as Judy, he sees the Catholic public opinion (the serious one; the people the other listen to in order to decide what is what) has gone away with the faithful bloggers, and the only thing he can do is motivate a record number of Catholics to vote for Trump whilst even the effeminate Europe slowly but surely rejects – and despises – his socialist, globalist, anti-Catholic propaganda.

We are, literally, ruining his party, and even if Monsignor Ricca dances with him (which he might well do) he has no reason to smile; which is why he becomes more and more bitter, obnoxious, boorish, and outright despicable by the month. The dream of the historic  papacy is gone. What remains now is a wrecking ball papacy, out of spite, arrogance, boorishness and utter and complete evil. 

In the presence of astonishing cowardly bishops it is clear that Francis will not be challenged during his disgraceful papacy. He will go on wreaking havoc inside the Church like a Castro on steroids; but we will, at least, ruin his party, and deny to him credibility and dignity both in life and in history.

And as we are no cowardly “Knights” of Malta, or pussycat bishops, there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.










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  1. I agree with your assessment. This does seem to be what is happening.

    I still hold a glimmer hope, however, that some formal correction of Amaris Laetitia is on the horizon. I pray for Cardinal Burke that he understands the profound damage that has been done and that he must speak. I pray the strength and fortitude developed in a Wisconsin farm boy from a frigid Northern clime takes on the bully Bergoglio poached in South American decadence enveloped in cigar smoke and tango music.

    What odious avocation could have beset Mrs Bergoglio?

  2. Very true, Mr. Mundabor. Bergoglio doesn’t own us. He can’t threaten us with anything. We have Sacraments and orthodoxy. We have grace and holy zeal, something a modernist just doesn’t understand. That is why we will never give up.

  3. All Bergoglio loves is power, and he doesn’t mind losing catholics to gain the whole world.

    He can let catholics out and perverts of all kinds in, and he’ll be happy perverting everything.

    It’s what he’s just done to the Order of Malta, and without opposition. He kicks Catholics out while he gets to keep the buildings and run his empire from there.

    Bloggers will help orient catholics towards refuges, but I don’t believe it will be enough to regain buildings and religion/institution.

    We’ll be left with the faith.

  4. I was one of those Catholics who were thoroughly confused by some of the early proclamations of Francis. A couple of years ago, I found traditional Catholic websites from which I have learned so much. I do believe that God has provided the tool, the internet, and the Holy Spirit has provided the inspiration to the messengers, the bloggers, to spread Catholic truth, and help unify the faithful’s opposition to this pontificate’s attacks on Christ and His Church. Gone are the days when the only news source that pewsitters had was their copy of “Our Sunday Visitor”, even though some modernist Vatican dinosaurs haven’t realized this yet. So, yes, Mundabor, please keep fighting and ruining Francis’ party. For all the anxiety, frustration, and despair he has caused us, the least we can do is crash his party!

  5. It is as bad as you suggest. Perhaps worse than we can even surmise. I pray this ends soon.

  6. Breaks my heart to see the Popes office desecrated by an imposter , especially at this late hour . I’m Pentecostal but have so many wonderful Catholic friends and have seen their testimony of love and sacrifice to others . This Pope may change my mind about the Church but he can not change it about Catholics . True Catholics . So many great ones .

    • Thanks Bob.
      This is not an imposter, but a true Pope. Properly instructed Catholics know that we have had many of those, and will have more in the centuries to come, because it has been decreed that the Church be not run by angels.
      As you follow the pain of faithful Catholics, I pray that the Lord will give you the grace to convert to the only true Church.

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