Evil Clown, Unhinged Edition


“Obeying all the Commandments paralyzes you! It makes you forget so many graces received!”

Obeying all the commandments, all of them…’ Yes, it’s true, but this paralyzes you too, it makes you forget so many graces received, it takes away memory, it takes away hope, because it doesn’t allow you to go forward.

No, this is not “fake news”. 

This is the possibly drunken, possibly drugged, but also very possibly possessed Evil Clown, reported verbatim using Vatican Radio as a source.

Seriously, people, I am fed up with this. Normally you shouldn’t question the profession of a Pope’s mother, but this is not a normal Pope, and I can’t avoid wondering how probable it is that the Lord would allow such a scourge to be born out of saintly, or even halfway good parents.

This is becoming so obvious, so embarrassing even for wannabe Catholics, so openly evil, that I don’t think there is an insult this man hasn’t merited. 

This man worship sins. He must be so filthy inside that he cannot avoid proclaiming his perverted beliefs. His rambling, drunken rants go here and there without a sure purpose, until they land where the man always has them landing: countless variations of the leitmotiv of how sweet sin is, how useful being sinful is, how being a sinner makes you a better Christian, and all that rubbish he always seems to be revolving around.

Make no mistake, this is a serious hijo de puta. No, I mean a serious one. And it is really the time that we start crying it from every nook and cranny of the blogosphere, lest the simple and the idiots (who are many) may not be deceived by this bastard, or may be deceived only when they have made the conscious decision to do so. 



This man should be targeted with foul tomatoes every time he dares to put his filthy mug out in St Peter’s square. He should be the daily object of derision, insult and mockery. He should be taken away from the sight of children. We are not even at Luther level here. We are slowly verging toward open Satanism, as this thinly veiled adoration of sinfulness clearly seems to indicate. 

Francis’ words show once again to every thinking Catholic some elementary facts.

The first is that the offence to God caused by Vatican II is so great, that a devastating punishment is now being inflicted on all of us. 

The second is that the Catholic feeling is now so dimmed, reduced to such a thin varnish under the omnipresent, all-powerful religion of niceness, that such words from a Pope cause nothing but polite disagreement and soft critical remarks (let me say it once again: this is one figlio di puttana. There. This is Catholicism for you. Extreme times require extreme measures). 

The third is that the Lord is doing us, even as he punishes us as we have richly deserved, the great grace of putting us in front of such an obviously evil creature, that everyone who still has a shred of Catholicism in himself can see very clearly, through the white habit, the black soul of this deeply evil man. I think often with great horror what bigger punishment, and bigger danger, a more subtly evil Pope would have been. This idiot here wouldn’t cheat a well-instructed seven years old. This is a great grace.

Always remember: the battle is won already. Our Lady has already crushed Satan’s head. The final victory is ours already now, Francis or no Francis. But this does not mean we are justified in not fighting the battle, however assured the outcome. Join the fight, and spread among your fellow Catholics the news of an unhinged, satanical, utterly evil Pope who must be kept away from the sight of children. 

Please, Lord, make him die. Make him die soon. Make him die before the utter devastation he is inflicting to the body of your Church is so bad that it needs decades and decades to be healed. Lead him – even him! – to heaven, allowing him the grace of final repentance, if this is Your will.

But in Your Mercy, please free us from this unhinged, utterly evil, satanical man. 





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  1. We must pray for those many Catholics who have been so misled since Vatican II that their minds have been clouded that they no longer recognize the truth. These people number in the hundreds of millions.

  2. Did none of the Cardinals who voted for him have an inkling of what he is? Or is the College of Cardinals itself utterly compromised?

  3. Is there a full transcript of what Francis said available? Or better still, an audio…as we know the Vatican modifies what Francis says….

    • We don’t need all this. We never needed it.

      ANY Pope would have his press office utterly and completely deny any alleged affirmation of his that misrepresents him. If it’s published and it’s not denied, it’s true.

      It applies to all Scalfari interviews, too.


  4. The point is that 99% of catholics don’ visit catholic pages, nor listen to Vatican radio, and so on. I’ m sure that in my parrish only very few, if any, know about all this. The priests don’ even mention the existence of Amoris Laetitia, so for the vast majoriry of catholics, everything is normal.

    • That’s the lesser evil. I have noticed too that many Catholic priests these parts actually ignore the Evil Clown.

      It goes to show that even Francis has his difficulties in getting the message across.


  5. Well…it looks like the Vatican is endorsing the way Muslims think…by endorsing the way they think. The priniciple of non-contradiction is contradicted by the Vatican. ….

    Bravo for Fr. James Schall SJ for ‘outing’ the current people’s thinking in the Vatican:


  6. This is very grave. However, our Lord told us this would happen.

    So it’s just a matter of time and trying to warn/save as many as possible until the Lord decides to intervene and bring order. I just hope we don’t have to wait much longer.

  7. He’s demented. You know, I can imagine someone saying:

    “I should probably kill this guy, I should, but there’s this commandment that doesn’t allow me to go forward. Should I follow his own advice and forget the comandment, for once?”

    It’s ridiculous, it makes no sense.

    There are only 10 commandments, all of which mean love God and love one another. How can that be a burden for anyone?

    • Honestly, i think I have the answer:

      if you are a closet Satanist, what Francis has said is exactly the argument you would use.

      Logic is not the aim. Confusion is.


  8. So I guess Our Lord loving the young rich man who obeyed all of the commandments was a mistake? So I guess all of the saints who used to strive to live holy lives were not going forward? So to sin is to go forward in the spiritual life? That’s like saying to get physically healthy, go stab yourself repeatedly. Insane and evil indeed, God bless~

    • Yes, Our Lord should actually have condemned the man as rigid, inadequate and “paralyzed”, and He should have praised the adulteress for finding grace through he adultery.

      The man is of Satan. Pray that he dies soon.


  9. Dear Mundabor, I came across your blog by accident about six years ago, since then is like an addiction, as soon I get home from work I have to check your last rant.

    Sometimes I wish Francis resigned or the Lord in his mercy take him away as soon as possible. I feel bad to think this way, I am a cradle Catholic and I should pray for him instead.

    Keep up the good work. God Bless

    • Thanks, Luzia!
      I must sayI am glad to nurture this kind of addiction!
      You should pray that Francis stops being the Pope before midnight. It’s all fine, as you do this out of love for the Church. In your charity, pray that the old bastard may save his soul, too, because we Catholics pray for our enemies.
      Still, the enemy he is.

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