The Useful Idiot


Elephant? Which elephant?

Barely believable, involuntarily comic interview given by Cardinal Mueller, and reported by One Peter Five. 

It is as if the entire exercise took place in a parallel universe, in which those parts of reality we don’t like can simply be excluded at leisure and no one has to give any explanation for it.

Cardinal Mueller’s parallel universe is made this way: Pope Francis is orthodox, but for some strange reason we can’t fathom some bishops insists in interpreting him in the wrong way.

This is like the mother of the mass murderer who, as her son is clearly an angel, pretends to not understand the reason for all the police cars and the sirens outside. 

Cardinal Mueller does earn a limited amount of brownie points because he reaffirms Catholic teaching in fairly clear words. But honestly, I don’t think he deserves more than a half chocolate cookie, considering that as the head of the CDF his jobs description includes correcting heresy when officially proclaimed, not denying that heresy has been proclaimed and then proceeding to criticise those who follow exactly the heresy that has been officially proclaimed. It makes me smile to think that this one here is supposed to be the heir to the Inquisitors. I can picture them looking at him from heaven, and shaking their heads.

Now, we know Francis is a ruthless scoundrel, and Cardinal Mueller would get his marching order very fast if he dared to be a full-time Catholic rather than go on mini-break every time Francis is involved in the discussion. Still, the man is deluded if he thinks he can go on with this kind of somersault for very long.

It is in the logic of heresy – and very much so in the bullying nature of Francis – that error be advanced one step at a time. At some point, Cardinal Mueller will be required to either endorse the heresy of Amoris Laetitia in the terms dictated to him by Francis, or go. Francis will not allow for very long to be contradicted by his own “orthodoxy enforcer” in an indirect way. It will be Francis way, or the highway.

This is what every bully does: he bullies only those he feels strong enough to comfortably intimidate and overcome, and targets his victims one at a time. Francis isn’t following any cunning plan. He is merely being his bullying self.  

Francis was initially afraid of his bishops and backpedalled at the time of the first Synod. Then he saw he could get bolder, and proceeded to proclaim Amoris Laetitia. Then he started to whisper to Argentinian bishops that the heretical reading of it is the only possible one. Then he started encouraging bishops (Malta, Germany) to openly proclaim heresy as the new standard of orthodoxy. Only an idiot can think that this evil clown will stop there, and that he will not at some point – when he feels he is strong enough for it – demand that heresy be proclaimed and enforced centrally, from the CDF itself.

Cardinal Mueller has produced himself in a triple somersault, and we would be tempted to appreciate the skill if the exercise weren’t almost entirely useless. He is doing nothing else than proclaiming his own blindness in front of blatant papal heresy, even as he indicates to the Evil Clown who the candidate for the next phase of bullying and demolition is: himself.

We live in an age of cowardice, opportunism, and careerism only mildly mitigated by vestiges of fear of the Lord, or perhaps by fear of what would happen if Francis were to suddenly kick the bucket (it is allowed to daydream) and a halfway Catholic pope were to be elected in his stead; but this careerism is ultimately useless. 

Triple somersaults will not work. Cardinal Mueller’s blindness is at the same time the reason why his words will remain heedless and more and more bishops will conveniently side with heresy, and the reason why he will land in Francis’ sights at some point. It would be better for him to choose the Church and his own salvation instead.

As it is now, his very willed blindness still makes of him merely the useful idiot of the enemies of the Church.


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  1. “But honestly, I don’t think he deserves more than a half chocolate cookie, considering that as the head of the CDF his jobs description includes correcting heresy when officially proclaimed, not denying that heresy has been proclaimed and then proceeding to criticise those who follow exactly the heresy that has been officially proclaimed.”

    I’m beginning the think that the good Cardinal’s job is to try and keep his Prefecture until Francis goes to hell. After all, “Card. Schonborn” is waiting in the CDF’s wings.

  2. I believe you basically nailed the situation. I always check for your analysis because you are so blunt, direct, and cut to the heart of the matter. Well done, as usual. Thanks for taking the time to stay on top of the situation in the church. I’d be in the dark without people like you.

  3. I agree that Bergoglio is a bully.
    But worse still – he is possibly a psychopath. This is really quite common for those who land on the top. They have the ruthlessness and lack of compassion required in making grandiose, bold moves. Inevitably global ideas and moves have sad and tragic consequences for large numbers of people.

    Likely Bergoglio is convinced that he really cares about people. Because the vast majority of us (especially in third world countries he swore loyalty to, as a Jesuit and as a fanatical SJW) are not the top 1%, he boils with anger continuously. He can not sleep, and he overeats pondering this injustice. His anger is real, his concern for others – superficial yet all-consuming. Jorge is completely devoted to saving the world. So we have a psychopath who believes that he has figured out perfect love. He is enforcing his vision tirelessly. He is not in it for himself, which makes him incredibly dangerous. Like an elephant in a porcelain shop (Catholic theology is too tedious and too nuanced for his temperament and intellectual in-ability), he crushes everything of value. The more truth he has distorted, and the more beauty he has crushed, the more progress he believes to have achieved. Vulgarity and stupidity swallowing up increasing numbers of people mean victory to him – the man of the downtrodden. God is clearly too elitist for him. Heads off the theologians!

    He has a simplistic view of economics, a non-Catholic view of justice and mercy, he is proud and arrogant beyond imagination while sincerely believing himself to be exceptionally humble. Therefore while convinced that he loves the underdog, he stupidly cooperates with the brilliantly evil top 1% who play on all his weaknesses.

    He is a psychopath, who lacks discernment, knowledge and compassion, and who as an ideologue works tirelessly (I have no doubt he busies himself with justice non-stop) to fundamentally remake humanity in his own image. Our narcissistic anti-culture helps him to thrive.

    • I must disagree, at least in part.

      in my eyes, Francis suffer of an acute case of social envy. Th eson of poor immigrants, he simply hates the rich. he may disguise this with the excuse of noble ideas, as every communist and SJW does. But in the end, it boils down to the hatred of the poor for the rich.


  4. Mundabor,

    Did you notice that the One Peter Five blog is speaking favorably of Cardinal Muller, in that the article tries to convince us that Cardinal Muller now is backtracking on AL?

    At the end of the article on One Peter Five, it is stated that Cardinal Muller…”now implicitly and substantially rejects those parts of Amoris Laetitia which are causing much of the confusion.”

    Of course it isn’t true that the Cardinal is rejecting anything in Amoris Laetitia. The One Peter Five blog, IMO, is nothing more than fake news for fake trads.

    • This is the triplo salto.
      the cardinal rejects AL in that it says it does not say what it says.
      I doubt such bending over backwards will do much for his salvation.

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