Please Consider Boycotting The Superbowl


NFL Legend. Oh, wait…

Disclosure: I don’t care for American Football. 

It seems to me a sparse sequence of very short plays, followed by interminable babbling, with a lot of interruptions in the middle. Then you get more babbling, and some more babbling, before you get more appeals of the decisions of the referees. And they never stop talking. They never ever stop! It drives me mad! It’s the greatest mystery to me how there could be people who prefer this endless stream of interruptions to baseball or (as you call it) soccer.

“Oh, but those two and a quarter second are very intense, Mundabor!”. Yeah, right.   

[Add there all the reasons why I am wrong] 

[No, I still haven’t changed my mind]

The Superbowl Number 51 (Latin: LI; but you know that) is upon us (actually: you), and I am perfectly willing to ask you to consider boycotting it, or as much of it as you can (namely: the advs and the entire intermission including Lady Whore).

The matter is not whether Lady Whore will stage some kind of obscenity, protest, or both. The matter is that the NFL has abandoned every pretense of political neutrality by ramming their own political agenda down the throats of people who, perfectly rightly, would want to keep politics out of it when they watch the interminable blabbing and endless stream of interruptions. You know all the single events, so I won’t get into the details. My aim is to get you to become angry enough to say: “stuff it, I will go for a walk/watch a movie/ do something else instead”. 

If all fails and you can’t stay away from the endless babbling, I implore you to get a half hour break and cut all the part of the big intermission. 

All of it. Cut the head of the hydra. Say “no” to every and any product that would like to enter your home before and in the wake of Lady Whore. They have picked the wrong product to place their ads. Then say to everyone in your circle of acquaintance that you are fed up with this (actually, do it now!), and have therefore given the thing a very wide berth.

You might say that your refusing to watch has no influence unless you are one of the Nielsen-surveyed viewers, but I would disagree. Perceptions are shaped by the bigger reality around us just as much as by the official surveys. As the Superbowl becomes less and less popular and more and more controversial, this will be “picked up” by sponsors and advertisers until the NFL feels it where it hurts: the wallet.

Even if you are a fan of the endless blabbering and countless interruptions, challenges, and referee consultations, please consider that unless the NFL’s politically correct drive is stopped you might see all the rubbish rapidly going down the food chain: college football very soon, then the local or regional series. The point will come when your son won’t be able to watch a game of his high school without some kind of rubbish protest going on.

I suggest you fight for sanity now, and walk the dog instead. 


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  1. Stopped watching all NFL games due to the resulting outcomes from the Michael Samm event. The NFL flushed itself down the drain. Startling contrast between Tebow and Samm.

  2. My wife and our large Siberian cats will be watching the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia” instead.

  3. But Mundabor…The Bishop of Rome will have some profound thoughts to share with the faithful and the world!

  4. And this is another reason:

    Pope Francis has a special message for the Super Bowl

  5. You used a photo of OJ Simpson when he was still in college (University of Southern California.)

    PS I am not watching it either. Even though the Patriots are all Trump supporters. 😉

    • I did not understand the reference. I duckduckgoed a bit and now I know.. 😉

      Go Brady! Go Belichick! Go Kraft!


    • Believe it or not, your suggestion to boycott the SB has an empirical basis. There is this professor in Canada by the name of Jordan Peterson. He claims that the disintegration of attendance at Sunday masses was directly linked to the increase in viewership of Sunday football games.

      So in essence, one could claim that football is a new religion.

    • I honestly don’t believe this.
      In Italy and other Catholic countries football (I mean soccer) has always been a true disease, and was always played on a Sunday.
      Mass attendance was very high nevertheless.
      When religious feeling evaporates, something will be used to occupy the time. But the post hoc, ergo propter hoc argument seems a fallacy to me.

    • I will try to get some empirical data for you. But Peterson is a top notch sociologist and analyst.

    • In Ireland, Gaelic Games (GAA) have always been played on a Sunday. Sometime in the 70’s my dad and I were watching a match where the interviewee (captain of a hurling team, I think) concluded a post match interview on TV by saying he had to go to get evening mass. Unlikely now. Jordan Peterson talks good sense usually though.

  6. My husband will be watching it, but I can make a list of all the sponsors and write them.

  7. Ummm…I admit to not understanding the reference as well…that is, until I read the Pope’s message which includes the mention of “respect the rules”. With this I immediately verbalized a HAHAHAHA!

  8. I turned on Fox News last night, and it was almost totally about the Superbowl! Crazy!! When did it become such a big deal??!

    My sons and I were never US football fans, although they would watch an occasional college game with their friends. I boycotted it long ago, before the Janet Jackson debacle. I’ve always preferred baseball and, yes, football (soccer). We have a retired footballer from Europe in the family so it’s popular with my sons and their little boys.

  9. Just found out the quarterback of the Falcons went to my Catholic grade school, graduated (I think) with my littlest brother. I believe his parents are still parishoners. I will of course not watch because I’m not a fan of football either and refuse to watch Lady Gaga. But I will say that what you consider to be constant interruptions, fans see as stimulation and an opportunity to speculate. God bless~

    • Yeah, I assume it’s an uninterrupted stream of football strategy for amateur head coaches. However, what else can you do during all those long pauses? 😉

  10. I am so glad I did not boycott the game … it was possibly the greatest one in history (and certainly the best I have ever seen). The Falcons led 28-3 halfway through the third quarter, but then Tom Brady decided to “Make Football Great Again” and tied the game in the last minute 28-28, then went on to win 34-28 in overtime. 31 points in a row to overcome a 25 point deficit.

    The biggest deficit ever overcome in a Superbowl before this night: 10 points.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who is responsible for most of the reasons for the boycott you have proposed, absolutely hates the Patriots and especially Brady and Belichick. But he had to give them the trophy nonetheless.

    After the whole stadium had loudly booed him for five minutes… since most football fans are white middle class men, and not the effeminate kind either… Glorious.

    Are you tired of winning yet?!

    • Did you inflict lady whore on yourself?
      or did you see it in a German channel?

    • The so-called halftime show was also inflicted on viewers in Germany, but I refused to watch it. Plenty of reasons for a boycott, and no interest in that kind of music/performance anyway.

  11. It’s not just the NFL. The NBA moved it’s All-Star Game from Charlotte, N.C. to New Orleans because North Carolina’s legislature passed a law against transgenders using restroom for the sex with which they identified. Bill Plaschke and Nancy Armour, two American sports columnists, wrote pieces criticizing Brady’s, Belichick’s and Kraft’s support for Trump. Plaschke even insinuated something evil about them.

    Remember, the people who write these columns and make such decisions are educated from the same universities that produce the “social justice warriors.” So it shouldn’t be surprising that they share the same world view.

  12. ilovevictoriasbows

    Trump’s team won! Kraft-owner. Belichick-coach. Brady-quarterback. All Trump supporters.

  13. Mudabor, love your stuff. Ice hockey; 200 lb. men push across ice on 1/8 inch steel blades and travel up to 40mph, they then hit a rubber disk at speeds up to 100mph through what is essentially a key hole. Oh, and they can physically check each other when battling for the disk, checking into the wooden and steel reinforced boards that surround the arena is also encouraged. Fisticuffs occasionally break out and are penalized, it is very effective in breaking the tension of games and has been proven to actually decrease injury. Unlike your school yard ‘footy’ which is essentially a kick-run-kick-run child’s game, to play hockey you need a significant skill set to even begin. Re: American Football. The coach and Quarterback supply the brains and the other players provide the muscle and athletic ability. The game is truly closer to chess than soccer. “A play” in football involves near exact placement of 11 players and perfect execution of usually 5 or more running/blocking patterns. In this years super bowl the Brady/Belichek Patriots team achieved what would be equal to Pele scoring 10 goals in the final 20 minutes of the World Cup final after being behind 0 – 9 after 70 minutes.
    Sorry you missed it. The half time show is a high priced production of what the American entertainment industry is currently selling. Last night was not particularly vulgar or demonic, it was the same old garbage. You boycott idea, I found silly.

    • I still disagree. I also think the NFL should be punished for their leftist, liberal drive.
      However, if you preferred to see it, more power to you.
      I just don’t enjoy the game. If I had found myself unable to stay away from the TV I would have cut down to zero the ads and the show.

  14. I have been opposed to football for years. This article contains a graft of the incidence of
    a specific Neurological disorder evidenced in the brains of those who played professional
    and non-professional football compared to the brains of those who never played:

  15. Sarmaticus, I don’t doubt he said that. But I doubt it makes sense at least if we consider it the main drive. First must come the loss of faith. Then comes something with which to fill the time.

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