Nomen Omen; Or, Cardinals Are Not What They Used To Be


If you want evidence that Cardinals are not what they used to be, look at the photo above and the linked article from the Eponymous Flower, and reflect on the following:

  1.  Cardinals used not to use the vulgar gesture the Cardinal uses in the photo; and yes, in Germany everyone understands the meaning. It is also very difficult to think that the Cardinal might have done it “by mistake”. Look at how his second finger is carefully held by his thumb. 
  2. Cardinals used to know what they were talking about. A man so confused that he is able to state, in front of journalists, that he “thinks” that “unanimity prevailed” should take the habit of thinking twice before he speaks. It’s not so difficult to see whether a vote was unanimous or not. Plus, it is clearly a lie that it was.
  3. Cardinals used to be Catholic. This one here clearly isn’t. Beside the other lie (that AL would be in sync with the two Synods) it is just plain Protestant to say that if a document clearly states something at variance with what the Church has always believed, it is fine for any Catholic to believe the lie.

Cardinals are not as they used to be.   

This one is, for sure, much nearer to Friedrich Engels than Jesus Christ.

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  1. He lives up to his Marxist surname.

  2. He’s worse than you are noting. He went to Rome with the “Council of the Evangelical Church” in Germany. Who does he represent anymore?

  3. I was so glad to see the movie about Pope St Pius X. I am English, but have visited his birthplace in Riese many times and in his footsteps throughout his ministry in northern Italy leading me to Mantua and Rome, and have a host of photographs. My heart leapt with joy when I saw your upload onto YouTube. I have a number of stills from this movie but never thought I would ever see the film. If it were ever issued in English subtitles, well, I would be so pleased. What a Pope! I have a number of artefacts which keep me close and a very special and original photograph with handwritten text. He also wrote music, and I have a rare CD of his sung compositions. Do you know of his Moto Proprio on Music? Your upload has been an inspiration to one of the great Popes of the 20th century. I struggle with the Italian, but hoe one day for it to be in English sub-titles.

    Very best wishes and God bless,

    Papa Pio Decimus, prega per noi.

    Martyn Steel

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Dear Mundabor, This sad photo certainly proves your point. What is the name of this culprit?

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