REBLOG: Let’s Stop Talking The Language Of Our Enemies

Only days after the Orlando massacre, the wrong vocabulary is everywhere. “Gays”, “LGBT”, “homophobia”, all that rubbish.

It angers me no end.

When will people understand (even conservative pundits) that you can never win a battle by accepting the vocabulary of your enemy?

The Libtards have created a new vocabulary to reprogram the brain of the simple. If we want to deprogram the brain of the simple, we must go back to the old vocabulary.

It’s not “gays”, it’s “homosexuals” (which refers to the sexual perversion) or “sodomites” (which refers to the acting on the perversion). It’s not “LGBT”, it’s “perverts”. It’s not “homophobia”, it’s Christian feeling and Christian decency.

This, if you write for an official publication, or if you are a priest.

All the others should, if you ask me, be more assertive than that, and assertively use language to shame wrong behaviour. Fag, Dyke, Fudge Packer, Pillow Biter, Elton, and so on. It’s like flying a flag. It does get noticed. Be ready to double down whenever necessary.

It astonishes me how many people do not understand this simple concept: words shape thinking. We can’t escape this reality. We can avoid the issue, but it will came back to bite us when we are then forced to fight with one hand bound.

Let’s stop talking the language of our enemies.

Let’s start talking the language of our grandfathers instead.




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  1. Great reminder M!

    I see it even more ‘straitgh’ as it really is.
    There is and cannot be any kind of homo-sexuals.
    Those are just sodomites, perverts,
    As those ‘lgbt’ whatever can only be a bunch of sodomites, aka club of perverts.
    So there cannot be any phobia of ‘homo’, but it’s just a wise and righteous hate and dislike of the grave sin (not of the poor sinners, of course). And that must be so, if we are real children of God.

  2. I agree with you that language shapes thought, and if we use the deceptive language of the enemy, we and our children end up thinking and acting the same way. Our thoughts and behaviour become corrupted. I would go further and say that without language there is no thought. Give it a try. So, we need to reclaim the language of Christianity. This is why I refuse to use the indoctrinating word “gender.” We should say sex: male or female. This is based on reason, natural law and biology, not political correctness. It’s how God created human beings. I have blogged about this and I hope you share it with your readers,
    Thank you.

  3. Sodomite is enough.

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