Oportet Ut Scandala Eveniant


“Don’t you dare to dig into my smelling-of-sheep past!”


This blog post  made me reflect on the fact that it has been a great advantage for the Evil Clown to come from the “peripheries”. The English-speaking press, which together with the Italian one dominates the Catholic discourse, is very far away. There does not seem to be any big interest in serious investigative journalism about The Life And Evil Work Of Bishop Bergoglio. His connections to homosexual priest (search this blog), his arrest for having marijuana in his luggage (search this blog), and his support for clearly evil bishops and cardinals (refer to the post linked above) should give a newspaper ready to pay the cost more than some hope for rich pickings.

Unfortunately, the secular press is largely interested in promoting the Evil Clown and they have no interest in bringing him down, not even for the sake of prestige and income. Meanwhile, the big Catholic press seems too much beholden to a strange concept of “loyalty” to start the serious digging exercise that is called for now. It is difficult to think that the likes of EWTN will make the conscious decision to start unearthing the excrement in the excrement-rich life of Jorge Bergoglio, sadly of Italian ancestors.

We can still pray.

It would be glorious, and a new pearl in the crown of the Church, if a brave Catholic publication would take on itself the costly work of exposing the dirt at the very top, where a man with a very dirty mind is operating every day.

Oportet ut scandala eveniant. 



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  1. Dear M you are right but I think should be better writing ” inevitabilis ut scandala eveniant ” instead oportet. Laudetur Jesus Christus.

  2. sorry ,” instead of oportet”. Laudetur Jesus Christus ! nunc et in aeternum! Amen .

  3. I think Lifesite News is doing this to a certain degree….

  4. I was unable to find any direct link between Francis and marijuana, but there was this article involving Argentine Cardinal Mejia’s auto with cocaine and marijuana:

    • He was found by a police dog with a big pack of marijuana in his luggage. He said someone had opened the luggage and put the drugs in, in order to avoid detection, with the intention of stealing it again once at destination. The article was in Spanish. I do not know any English translation.

  5. Vere, scandala eveniant

  6. Today I heard that Bergoglio’s personal assistant, an argentine girl, plans to send her own children to a non catholic school. After years of handling documents with accusations and scandal related to all kinds of catholic schools/organizations, she says there’s no way she will send her children to a catholic school.

    However, she won’t speak badly of Bergoglio as he saved her from a difficult personal situation and gave her a job.

    He’s such a great evangelizer.

  7. You know, for some reason I never put it together. Someone who wants to have the smell of sheep, and is obsessed with scatological ideas, who speaks of coprophagia…. One might think Francis has a real issue with things of the lower intestine.
    And is okay with sodomites receiving communion…. Weird.

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