Time To Call A Heretic A Heretic



Cardinal Coccopalmerio (a FrancisCardinal with the t-shirt) has, bizarrely, deserted his own press conference on occasion of the launch of a heretical booklet ‘splainin’ why the Church was wrong for 2,000 years, but heretics like himself and the Evil Clown are right. This is bizarre, but still understandable in view of the barrage of questions the heretical Cardinal clearly did not want to answer.

Even more bizarre, and outright absurd, is the rumour circulated by gay operatives of the Vatican that Coccopalmerio’s press conference would be the way the Pope answers the Dubia. 


The Dubia are made exactly so, that either the Pope himself or someone who officially claims to speak for him with his authorisation (say: the head of the CDF stating “the Pope authorises me to answer in the following way”) can be considered a valid answer. What gay operatives in the Vatican allege the statements of a Cardinal should be considered counts exactly zero point zero. If Coccopalmerio is the signatory of an answer explicitly, officially authorised by Francis, then Francis (not Coccopalmerio) has answered. If the man is just spreading heretical statements, his statement cannot count as the Pope’s answer more than any other statement of any other Cardinal not officially qualified by the Pope as the answer to the Dubia.  

We should never allow Francis’ gay Troops to state that (cough) hey, in a way, I mean, you might say, pretty clearly, that Francis has answered (in their sense, of course) when he hasn’t. Nor can Francis call himself out by just not answering. An answer is due and expected, and this answer must come from him. If the Pope refuses to answer, then clearly this silence condemns him and as such he must be condemned by whatever Bishops and Cardinals are still afraid of hell (not many, I gather). But really, what must not happen is that Francis is allowed to get away with having his own faggots stating he has answered without taking the responsibility and doing exactly that.

The Dubia were formulated as they were, and the vehicle of the Dubia itself was chosen, exactly in order not to allow Francis to hide behind interviews without a recorder, third party statements, and interpretations of various kind. He must say yes or no, and this is all there is to it. Including, of course, that his silence condemns him in the most blatant way anyway.

I do not know whether the private warning to the Pope that should precede the official censure has been delivered or not. What I know is that if the Cardinals do not follow through and do not condemn Francis for not answering (meaning here: condemn him for not answering; not simply compare his silence with a reaffirmation of truth coming from themselves) they deserve to be transferred to Guam en bloc (as the rumor has it this is about to happen to Cardinal Burke) and be buried there.

Enough with Popes heretical by silence, and Cardinals bravely meowing. 

Time to call a heretic a heretic, no ifs and no buts. By now even my cat understood that Francis is a commie heretic anyway.

And as to the question:

No, I am not afraid to have a heretical Pope openly proclaim his heresy. It is certainly preferable to having a heretical Pope promoting heresy in less open ways. It has been decreed that we should live in such disgraceful times. Let us look at reality in the face, and fight the good fight.

We are not afraid.  





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  1. Thanks Mundabor. Day by day we get more clarity on the devilish Pope Francis phenomenon. It will soon be time to call his hand.

  2. Well, it’s time to call Francis the c-word. No, it’s not Communist, although he is that too. It’s coward. This long drawn-out drama about the pope’s silence to the Dubia is because he is AFRAID to be known as the heretic he is. He wants the effects of the heresies in AL to stealthily spread throughout the Church, but he doesn’t want to bear the responsibility for it. He hides behind his walls and Swiss Guards but if he had any courage, he would either answer the Dubia or rescind AL. This is not going away no matter how many thugs he sends out to bloody the opposition.

    Everything Francis does has an ulterior motive, and he and his Jesuitical cohort have spent years strategizing and planning to totally transform the Church. His intention to rehabilitate the image of Martin Luther from heretic to much-needed reformer is just one example. This is propaganda in hopes that the average Catholic will then perceive Francis as a reformer by comparison. Why he is doing this is the big question, and although there are many theories, only God knows.

    • Christina. Why is he doing this? Enmity.

    • I am not sure he is a coward.
      He is not personally answering the dubia because doing it would mean admission to heresy. He is rather bold, because he knows we know him to be a heretical enemy of Christ. And yet, he keeps on pushing with the agenda, While asserting absolute power and demanding blind obedience from clergy (simultaneously the laity are encouraged to disobey God, and follow judgements of own internal forum) he is better able to continue and – as we can clearly see – speed up the demolition.
      It takes a bold and ruthless devil to expose himself so much to the world with the message of love, tolerance, unity and peace, while persecuting Christians and demolishing the Church.

      I could not go out into the world every day, and play this game, It takes a psychopath, I am sure, to not be affected.

      Jesuit Jorge Bergoglio is definitely not a coward. He is a deceiver, a mean-spirited and power-thirsty dictator. He is the opposite of everything he claims to be, He knows we know it, and yet – he keeps on – and no one dares to stop him! Those who do, go to Guam.
      I am certain he is not inspired and helped by the Holy Spirit. A different force carries him “forward”.

    • Well, reasonable people may disagree on this. It is certainly cowardice, in my eyes, to refuse to openly proclaim the heresy. But a degree of calculation may go into it.
      The man never displeased those in power, and never took personal risk. He lived very well with the Argentinian generals. His social justice crusades never caused him to take any degree of personal risk.

  3. I was convinced Bergoglio was a heretic right after he told Scalfari that atheists rejecting Jesus went to heaven, provided they did good works. I expected the sky to fall… how can a pope openly deny Church teaching?
    That was years ago, and he continued to do it every single day, largely unobstructed.

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