The Boor, The Lids And The “Tablet”



When even the most unCatholic of Francispapers starts complaining about Francis being “divisive”, (please don’t click on the linked Tablet article! It gives them money!) you know they are very much afraid of being caught on the wrong side of  a nuclear conflagration. 

Mind, it’s not that the Tablet wants Francis to become Catholic. They are merely uncomfortable with the pace at which the demolition is going on, making the work of the Evil Clown far too overt even for his own allies! 

I seem to read a subtext in this: “The old man is becoming more and more imprudent in his old age; the cowardly silence of the Cardinals and Bishops is emboldening him too much! If he goes on in this fashion, he runs the risk of altogether ruining the work of demolition we have so strongly supported by letting the entire thing explode in his hands!”.

Dear heretics at the Tablet, let me tell you what is happening here with an Italian saying: “il diavolo fa le pentole, ma non i coperchi”, “the devil makes the pots, but not the lids”.  

The satanical influence of this Pontificate must show itself in some way or other for everyone who has a Catholic heart and a desire for Truth. Yes, the Lord could still allow a more subtle satanical influence, which is what the Tablet is calling for; but in His goodness, He has given us at least this consolation: that in the midst of such confusion we can at least very clearly see who is wrong and who is right.  

The desire of the Tablet that the Pope be more subtle about his subversive work is understandable from their heretical perspective. However, the devil will never make the lids of his pots. There will always be a way to recognise deception, because The One who is The Way has decreed that he be always recognisable as such.

This consolation we at least have, and we will always have: that there will always be a way to recognise a heretic. Let us be glad that as God inflicts on us a decidedly deserved punishment, He does it so in a way that allows us to very easily see who is on the right side. He has not abandoned us. He will never abandon us. 

and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

The question is: will you abandon Him?

The Tablet will not get, as long as Francis lives, the subtle heretic they wish.

They will have to make do with this stupid boor instead.






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  1. Great point Mundabor. The question is why are not more folks including priests and Bishops seeing Pope Francis for what he is when it all seems so perfectly obvious to us and has for some time now.? My guess is many dimly see him for what he is but are fearful of saying it or even thinking it. Perhaps one reason is that they would have to change their lives if they perceived what was really happening in the Church and has been for many years.

    • Most people are lazy, conformist, and stupid more than they would like to think.
      They do not want to go out of their comfort zone by posing themselves uncomfortable questions.
      The kindergarten is good enough for them, which is why they stand there like children every Sunday singing childish songs.

  2. I think you are correct. The Loony Left sees Francis moving way too fast. They need to establish a Francis papal line. Yet when Francis kicks the bucket, the College of Cardinals will be looking to reign in the madness. Revolution is bad for business. Even neo-Modernists business…

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