The Times, They Are A Changin’; Melania Trump Edition


Above, then. Below, now.  


I know, it’s the Proddie version. But I will take it every day in preference to Gay Mulatto expunging God from his speeches and working, now doubt also under the influence of Chewbacca, towards the eradication of Christianity from the U S of A. 

I sense eight (and hopefully more) years of partial return to sanity. May the Lord guide and protect the First Man of the West, and his Christian wife.


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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Amen, Mundabor. Melania is sincere as she prays. I pray every day for the President, his family, and administration. I know others who do the same, and we believe his unexpected election was also an answer to prayer.

    How refreshing after the Gay Mulatto, who praises the Koran and speaks Arabic on Youtube, and his hatchet-faced spouse. Let us pray for their repentance.

  2. Bravo! Let us pray that Donald and Melania and Donald will become orthodox Catholics. Wouldn’t that be something!

  3. I didn’t hear anything Protestant in the video. Instead, what I heard was the Byzantine Catholic rendition of the Our Father. Those of us who worship in the Byzantine Rite of the Catholic Church have been saying the Our Father with the appended doxology since at least the time of Saint John Chrysostom, but it goes back farther. The Orthodox do this as well. It’s a mistake to consider that to be a Protestant thing. It’s thoroughly Catholic. It can be found in the Didache, section VIII, which predates Protestantism by many, many centuries.

  4. Definitely a blessing. It’s never happened anywhere, any times in the world. Go online to read Kim Clement’s and Mark Taylor’s prophecies on Donald Trump, A praying president! Thanks God for showing us Trump is a Godsend to liberate USA from destruction of evil NWO. Those prophecies were recorded in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Why God used non-Catholic as prophets.? It’s mysterious. Perhaps PF and his gang in Vatican are not reliable, not trustworthy. Pray for Trump and USA.

    • I am not fond of this kind of prophecies. There are always people around who prophesise everything and its contrary. Then when something very, very remotely similar happens it has everyone excited.

      As per today, there is even no evidence that Trump is religious in any particular way, though I think he has improved with age.

    • I have made the extraordinary effort to listen to 8 minutes of this.
      Either it is true, or it isn’t. Either the man had a real premonition of it is a coincidence. If it is true, is encouraging. But we don’t know if it’s true. I personally would believe only if this hermit had Padre Pio status, but I don;t know him.
      The fascination of people with predictions never ceases to amaze me.

  5. Thank you for making the effort to listen to it. Much appreciated.

    I was intrigued by the fact- if it is indeed a fact – that President Trump has been prayed for since 1980…in the Vatican no less. (The brick with his name that was put in the Holy Door).

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