The Half Time Period Of Alinskyite Popes Is Rather Short.


Blah blah humanity blah justice blah blah organising blah blah exploitation blah blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I used to be very angry when the Evil Clown used to spit his social justice fake gospel to the masses. In time, I started to notice the following:

  • The man has lost the novelty factor
  • He is so verbose, not even his atheist and communist friends will bother to read him
  • He has now lost all prudence, further decreasing the danger caused by his propaganda

At this point even as an abortionist, atheist, drug addict “transgendered” Black Lives Matter activist you just wake up in the morning and expect from Francis this kind of crap just like people expect the sun to rise: an obvious event without any special significance.

Francis is mightily angry that after his many messages to the American people (and in particular American Catholics, whom in his stupidity he thought he could influence) inviting them to ditch Trump, his own sheep have decided this shepherd is either on drugs or in the hands of Satan, sending Trump to the White House instead. Actually, I suspect Francis might be even angrier because he realises that with his shameless abandonment of reason and common sense he has, in fact, directly contributed to Trump’s victory. The Lord has the finest sense of humour. 

This shameless clown has become not only the joke of every Christian with a head on his shoulder; but he is rapidly tiring even those he so desperately wants to help.

The half time period of an Alinskyite Pope is rather short. The novelty wears fast, and what you are left with is an old commie idiot in white whom the mainstream media increasingly neglect, or mentions in connection with the anger he is causing to real Catholics.

You can be a decent Pope and you can be an Alinskyite one. What you can’t do is to be the latter and be considered the former.

Francis can keep vomiting Alinskyite crap as much as he wants. The game is up and he knows it, which is why he reacts losing all sense of decency.

I think Satan will punish people in hell by ordering them to stay near him, and forcing them to listen to him reading Amoris Laetitia.

Footnotes included.


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  1. For the first time, last week, I actually saw on a television news station in the U. S. the fact that faithful Catholics are outraged by Francis’ wanting to allow adulterers to receive Communion. It was very brief. Maybe it’s been on news channels before, but I have not seen it.

    That is, of course, huge news to Catholics who keep the traditional faith, but what worldlings rejoice over.

  2. You get better all the time with this stuff Mundy. Everything the Pope says such enjoy the highest confidential designation: Burn before reading.

  3. I wish I could share Your optimistic outlook! I can’t. I think he and Obama’s/Soros’/Clinton’s Organizing for Action (possibly over 60 000 paid agitators) have great plans for a commie take-over, They are preparing a huge May Day operation in Washington. Ezra Levin (a 30 year old ) has authored a guide book for disruptors entitled “Indivisible”. They are using it., and will be in the streets full-force as soon as the weather improves. The bishop of San Diego, McElroy has spoken at a commie get-toget her last weekend, calling on them to disrupt, disrupt, disrupt… Trump’s efforts.Bergoglio sent them a letter of encouragement, too. They have the masked black block, and millions of useful tools, many in pink vagina hats.

    • oh they have tried already. They have tried to influence or buy the electoral voters, they have tried to disrupt the Inauguration Day. It ended up with absolutely zero and 200 arrests respectively.
      Let them try. The US are bigger than them.

  4. The reply from on high 😉

  5. sixlittlerabbits

    Great entry, Mundabor. I find that emails sent to the Pope via the Vatican Information Office are delivered (, and I write to protest his policies as a “humble child” myself.

  6. I am delighted to see that the Bishop of Vancouver, BC, where I lived for a while after graduating from university, has written against AL. Hooray for him! Who would think anyone in office from the west coast, North America, would come to the defense of the Faith?

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