REBLOG: Pope Homo? Francis Approved Homoerotic Synod Text, Says Cardinal

The smell of sheep was becoming unbearable


Pope Francis had, with usual hypocrisy (I do not call him The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, or TMAHICH, for nothing) pretended he was on the sidelines during the synod, allowing the “debate” (including perversion, and sacrilegious undermining of Sacraments) and then intervening at the end like the good uncle who cares for orthodoxy.

Well, that was another blatant lie, as we all knew but is now officially official.

You must notice a couple of revealing elements here. Emphases mine:

1) Cardinal Baldisseri’s bomb: “The documents were all seen and approved by the Pope, with the approval of his presence,” “Even the documents during the [Extraordinary] Synod, such as the Relatio ante disceptatationem [the preliminary report], the Relatio post disceptationem [interim report], and the Relatio synodi [final report] were seen by him before they were published.”

2) The reason Cardinal Baldisseri gives for dropping the bomb: “This point is important not only because of his authority, but also it puts the Secretary General at ease,”

I can see a clear pattern here. Baldisseri is feeling the heat for his scandalous behaviour at the Synod. He is more or less fed up of being identified with it by all the mainstream Catholics (the informed Catholics know Francis was behind everything, because they think). He then separates his responsibility from the one of the Unholy Father, and lets the bomb drop: “don’t blame me”, he says, “this is Francis’ work”.

Baldisseri is obviously the little lapdog of Francis, but it is true that in this case the responsibility for the text lies entirely by Francis. Francis is in charge, Francis read, Francis green lighted the text, Francis answers for it.


Another difficult day for the Pollyannas, then.

But don’t worry. They are stupid enough. They will swallow new excuses.


The text of the relatio, and the scandalous events happened before and after, do demand that we pose the question: is this Pope homosexual?

The relatio post disceptationem was a piece of clearly homoerotic rubbish. It cannot have come from the mind of a normal, healthy, straight man because normal, healthy, straight men are disgusted by homosexuality.

Therefore, even Francis has such a dirty mind that he has some sort of lewd sexual excitement by mixing with sexual perverts (as the latest example of the Trannie has proved once again), or he is homosexual himself, and promotes the homo agenda at every step.

Either very lewd, or outright pervert. Tertium non datur.

I continue to pray for both his immortal soul, and the end of this pontificate.






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  1. Very! Interesting blog, I am a new reader from Argentina and I am glad that someone from Europe can actually see and understand the kind of evil rat that Bergoglio is, here we are very aware of the evil nature of this beast, his inmense greed, his resentment against the developed world and its people, his hatred of anything that incarnated refinement and grace. when I first heard about him becoming the new pope I almost faint, I thought ” they have put the fox in the henhouse”, Bergoglio has been a disgrace without equal for the Argentine church, he has undermined the fragile veener of catholicism that existed in this still semi-pagan region of the world, he has condoned, tolerated and even celebrated the most immoral antics from the enemies of Christ here, he was (and still is) the eternal friend of the heathen, the pagan, the sodomite, the pro abortion, he always has the stench of dirty sheep on him. As for Pope homo this is nothing surprising here, we have heard stories about Bergoglio being a pervert for years, I would not be surprised he has always been sorrounded by them, whenever there was a scandal like a priest found in a dark alley with another man (Monsignor Ricca in Uruguay the most egregious but not the only example) invariably the priests in question were close to Bergoglio, when Benedict denounced the gay lobby and then Bergoglio was elected new Pope I thought that everything made sense, there is a pink swamp that must be drained in the Vatican. God bless the author of this Blog for speaking the truth for us who are silent and ignored down here in the south, Bergoglio obsession with gossip is nothing but fear of his country men telling the world the kind of trash he is.

  2. I’m not sure I have the words to describe this: I spent a few years of my late teens/early twenties in the usual west coast USA college/university system, although I was a devotee of the Traditional Mass, thanks to my parents. As the usual university student, I didn’t realize that I had become ‘the enemy’ of my parents and other conservatives. One day, however, after attempting (successfully I might now add) to get a diverse group of people together to fund travel/lodging expenses for a SSPX Mass, I felt as though I had a ‘St. Paul moment’ right in the middle of a conference room, while talking to an attendee of the meeting, after my talk. It startled me to realize that I knew nothing, and that the Church is everything. And that the arguments for the Faith that I knew by rote, from hearing my parents and their friends, were real. There are many other incidents but this stays in my mind when I wonder what I’m working at. No flashing lights or fireworks, no big emotional conversion to reality, only the firm knowledge that the Church is real, and not I, if I oppose it.

    My point: It is probably too hopeful to think that even one or two of these people (Pope Francis, various cardinals or bishops) may also have a case of ‘retarded Catholic development’, and suddenly wake from it, as I did. I don’t want to be around people like this, but I do pray for them, even (especially) the pope and cardinals, and my family. Maybe one of them will realize before death that he really trashed his inheritance and needs to get his act together. Maybe.

    • I think Burke is trying to have such a moment.
      Unfortunately, it is still buried under a thick layer of V II thinking.
      If he thinks he can see the problem and get away with not denouncing it in full, he is most certainly retarded.

  3. “The text of the relatio, and the scandalous events happened before and after, do demand that we pose the question: is this Pope homosexual?”

    Probably. Then again, when one looks at Church history, he’s in good company.;

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