Popemakers’ Remorse, Or: The Boomerang Papacy


The twelve Cardinals were available for a photograph.

Antonio Socci wrote it first, and the English-speaking press echoed it everywhere: it appears a number of Cardinals (a dozen, at least) have contracted a bad case of “buyer’s remorse”. They hope to persuade the Evil Clown to step down and go Obama himself somewhere very far, where he cannot cause any more damage. Not, mind, because they have suddenly discovered orthodoxy. Rather, because even they cannot ignore the huge amount of devastation the stellar incompetence of this man is causing at all levels of Church life.

Well, dear girls, this is what happens when you make Pope a South-American dictator with all the marks of his breed: arrogant, ignorant, fairly stupid, absolutely incompetent, but fully persuaded of his own greatness.  

The fact that Socci wrote this, and many outlets were ready to echo the news, seems to show the rumour is considered credible. However, it does not need a genius to understand that a number of the less corrupted Cardinals have been thinking “what have we done” for a long while now, nor is the lower number floated around (a mere dozen according to the London The Times, whilst the original article of Socci in Italian has the far more robust “gran parte”, “a great part”. This indicates a majority within the original Bergoglio voter block, and also shows The Times might have their own sources) the indication of a major earthquake happening. Truth does not depend on numbers, but I doubt Francis will be much impressed by a dozen of kitten meowing. He might, however, be far more impressed by thirty, or forty, or fifty Cardinals, because they could hurt him badly. 

If they were men, that is, instead of kitten.

Men act. Kitten whisper some meowing in the ear of journalists, because they know they will never have the guts to do anything else. I hope to be proven wrong. I believe I will be proven right. 

Anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the proof of the Cardinals’ worry for their own salvation and the good of the Church can only be a very public denunciation of both Amoris Laetitia and Pope Francis’ silence about the Dubia. The best indication of how weak and emasculated these people are is exactly the fact that they have all the possibilities to completely destroy Francis’ papacy, and choose to meow with some journalist instead. 

More than five months have passed since Francis received the original letter with the Dubia. The silence of the Cardinals is deafening. Whispering bitchy things in the ears of journalists is no substitute for doing one’s job. The time to act is now. 

I notice here en passant that at least eight of these twelve (very probably more, assuming either that the Four Cardinals have not voted for Bergoglio or that Socci is right and they are way more than a dozen) have not dared to come out publicly in defence of the Dubia. No John Wayne among these, for sure. 

We will see if, by some half-miracle, the Cardinals find the guts to do what absolutely needs to be done. I remain skeptical, and think that things will get much worse (perhaps, for decades) before they get better. For the time being, I would be happy enough if not forty, but four Cardinals found the guts to speak out plainly; but I very much doubt that, too. If they ever speak, my pint is on some more meowing that does not give Francis more than an itch. 

I can picture a dozen of Cardinals very vividly, all dressed in red, hidden like little boys behind one of the huge columns in St Peter as Francis passes by, and whispering to each other that at least one of them should come out and confront the Pope; each one of them explaining to the others in hushed tones why it is not prudent that it should be him; letting Francis go by unchallenged as they whisper; and finally deciding, all together, to go bitch with a journalist instead. 

I have this picture vividly in front of my eyes, and I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

The Church will survive this bunch of cowards.

Whether their soul survives this test is a different matter altogether.  





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  1. Some Cardinals are too ambitious to let Bergoglio ruin their plans. If they kicked out Benedict they can do it with the Argentinean.

    Besides, the don’t need to confront him, accuse him publicly, etc. I’m sure the mafia will find other ways to coerce him.

    • He might have more corpses in his closet than Monsieur Landru.
      That’s where the moral suasion might come to bear.

    • Bergoglio is a protegé of the NWO, Benedict wasn’t. The current pope has some extremely powerful friends. But we can have some hope by looking at the recent US elections, when one candidate had the support of the same extremely powerful friends and lost nevertheless.

    • Make the Papacy great again!

  2. Here’s my idea on how to speed up Francis’ return to South America. It’s extreme and unlikely to happen, but nothing else has worked so far. A press conference held by the Cardinals wherein they point out the errors in AL and the non-response of the Pope to the Dubia. This event could not be pre-announced to avoid being prohibited by the Vatican. This would cause a media uproar and tremendous fallout for Francis. The more Cardinals who participate, the better, but it could be accomplished by even a few. Perhaps, those retired or on the verge of retirement who have nothing to lose but much to gain by showing their love for the Lord and His Church. Ok, can I please have the basket of kittens now?

    • Yep. If the four cardinals who have meowed had the guts to bark, this would ruin the papacy of Francis beyond repair. At that point, who knows, he might even throw the toys out of the pram and go away, though I doubt it.
      However, what I think most probabl eis that there will be no public denunciation from cardinals at all.

  3. Those Cardinals, Francis’ gang suddenly awoke and raised loud voices demoting him, indeed making a big surprise, wonder what’s going on? and giving false hope for faithful Catholics believe that many more Hierarchy and Clergy have decided to joint force in throwing this heretical pope out?
    They’d been appeased this evil clown from the beginning to protect their comfortable positions and gaining more powers for themselves; they’re once willing to collaborate with and cooperate with him in his attempt to eliminate the Church formed by Christ. Now they realized that their souls in great danger or they have to fight for survival? They could have found out that they were facing the destruction and sharing punishment of their abominating leader unless they themselves destroy this evil leadership. If they do not destroy this evil leadership, this evil leadership will destroy them. Praying that Holy Spirit will grant them the wisdom to sincerely repent and the courage to defend Jesus Christ’s Church.

  4. What about the possibility that the ” buyers remorse” of those that elected him is based on their disappointment that he is not radical enough, moving with the permanent revolution too slowly, not inviting enough trannies for private audience?

    • Seems improbable to me. As it was reported, the remorse comes from generally moderate Curial cardinals. People even more leftist than he is would simply encourage him to destroy more.

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