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Blog Hygiene


Every now and then (actually, more often than that) I find comments on my comment box consisting of either only one link to another blog (very possibly their own), or a link accompanied by some scarce words of circumstance. 

I am always very suspicious of such links. Firstly, I don’t like the attitude of someone smashing his own – unknown to me – blog on mine just like that. Secondly, I don’t know what the content of the blog is.

These people are subtle. They can send you a link to a non explicitly Sedevacantist blog post of what is actually a Sedevacantist site; or a seemingly innocent comment on a Gospel passage in what actually is a Medjugorje site; or some other artful Trojan horse meant to lure people into a page they know I would not allow on my blog if they stated openly what the aim of that site is.

My suggestion to every blogger out there is to pay much attention to the material they allow to get published, lest they involuntarily help the wrong people to spread the wrong message.

As to my commenters, once again I renew the prayer to not “dump” a link without commentary (my first instinct is to cancel them immediately, unless it is very apparent it comes from a very orthodox site), but rather spend some words explaining what the link is about, and that the site is all right. 

Whilst there will always be legitimate differences of opinion among reasonable people, I think that I have to do my best to avoid that this blog becomes a sound box for those who want to spread the wrong ideas, however artfully masked as “Catholicism”.


Now We Know Why Joe Biden Is So “Non-Judgmental”



The reason is very simple: 

His son screws the widow of his other son.

Conversely, his widowed daughter-in-law sleeps with his son.

He approves of the arrangement.  

His surviving son is also a heavily indebted drug user. 

His other daughter-in-law (not the one sleeping with his son, mind; the one married to him…) sleeps with other women. How very nun-judgmental… 

What’s with Democrats, their merry widows and their entrepreneurial, married brothers-in-law? I have read Robert Kennedy had the same habit with Jacqueline?  It’s because they love the family so much they want all the fornication to stay within it?

What has this party become? I doubt they were ever good; but with filth going on at this level, and with the approval of Papa Joe, in his own family, can this man be expected to defend Christian values in any meaningful way? And by the by, isn’t this here the one always seen inappropriately touching people, even children? Creepy, uh?

Enjoy the mud, Biden boy.

And don’t count on us being non-judgmental. 



[REBLOG] In Praise Of Triumphalism

The Bishop of Rome has decided to regale us with another salvo of Jesuit nonsense, and it might be appropriate to write a word or two to avoid some Catholics to be further confused by this confused and very embarrassing man.

As an orthodox Catholic, I am “triumphalist” in the sense commonly used by Protestants, Atheists and Jesuits to belittle my orthodoxy. I believe that the Church is right, and all (tutti, tous, alle, todos) who are at variance with the Church are ipso facto wrong. I believe that the Church has the fullness of the Truth, a fullness which no one else could ever have. I boast about not only the intrinsic superiority of the Church to every other group, affiliation, community or sect, but even about the unavoidable victory of this only Church over every error, every heresy, and every abomination here on earth, one day. Further, I believe that being a Catholic is a great grace, and thank God every day that He allowed me, a wretched sinner, the grace of being born in a Catholic Country, and baptised and confirmed in the One True Faith. I pray that many others who are now outside of the Only Church may become part of it, consciously during their life or through Christ’s grace in the last moment before death, because – whatever bad Popes may tell you or imply to you – outside of the Church there is no salvation. If Christ reigns, the Church does. If Christ wins, the Church must perforce triumph. If Christ is the Truth, the Way and the Life, the utter superiority of the Church founded by Him to every other whatever-it-is must follow.

Why, you will ask, do I believe all this? I believe all this because I believe in the Risen Lord; a belief without which all of the above would be pure nonsense and child’s tale.

Therefore, the idea of the Bishop of Rome that the – very well spread among orthodox Catholics, because the unavoidable fruit of Catholic orthodoxy – “triumphalism” of some Catholics be an indication that they do not believe in the Risen Lord is complete and utter nonsense. We are triumphalists exactly because the Risen Lord is the Guarantor of the Church’s Truth and ultimate triumph.

On the contrary, those who attack Catholic triumphalism are those whose faith in the Resurrection I openly question. If one doubts the Resurrection, and only if one does, then suddenly the talk of “why do we think we have the Truth” begins to make sense. If you believe that Jesus resurrected, then you must believe that He is God, and then His Church is the Only One and the Truth of His Bride is destined to triumph. If you have doubts that Jesus resurrected, this is when you start talking like a Jesuit.

Besides, this extremely offensive bollocks comes from one who says “who am I to judge” when questioned about the sodomites in his entourage. Go figure. Must be a Jesuit.

There. It had to be said, I think.

God is punishing us with a Jesuit Pope. I pray that He may, in His own good time, take this punishment away from us.




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