Now We Know Why Joe Biden Is So “Non-Judgmental”



The reason is very simple: 

His son screws the widow of his other son.

Conversely, his widowed daughter-in-law sleeps with his son.

He approves of the arrangement.  

His surviving son is also a heavily indebted drug user. 

His other daughter-in-law (not the one sleeping with his son, mind; the one married to him…) sleeps with other women. How very nun-judgmental… 

What’s with Democrats, their merry widows and their entrepreneurial, married brothers-in-law? I have read Robert Kennedy had the same habit with Jacqueline?  It’s because they love the family so much they want all the fornication to stay within it?

What has this party become? I doubt they were ever good; but with filth going on at this level, and with the approval of Papa Joe, in his own family, can this man be expected to defend Christian values in any meaningful way? And by the by, isn’t this here the one always seen inappropriately touching people, even children? Creepy, uh?

Enjoy the mud, Biden boy.

And don’t count on us being non-judgmental. 



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  1. Around here, we call him Creepy Uncle Joe.

  2. Biden’s daughter is a coke head too……so they’ve got that going for them as well.

  3. Heads are spinning fast all the way around and back again. Like in ‘The Exorcist’ ! Expect nothing but craziness. The times they have changed! As planned.

  4. I have the feeling that what will happen to Joe Biden is the same as the Jimmy Saville scandal: once he is alive, the elite will do everything to cover him up, despite all evidences; but once he dies everything will come out and people will be oh so surprised…

  5. sixlittlerabbits

    We New Yorkers remember how His M&Ms Timothy Dolan publicly greeted then-Vice President Biden at Mass in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Biden then went up and received Communion after scanning the ceiling of the Cathedral.

  6. In The Great Commentary of Cornelius A. Lapide, Fr. Lapide answers questions about the laws of matrimony and the counsel of virginity and celibacy beginning with touching, referring to St. Paul’s teaching: “It is good for a man not to touch a woman,” not because marriage is to be despised but because “when man and woman touch, they feel its effects.”

    Joseph fled from the Egyptian woman as though he had been bitten by a mad dog because she wished to touch him. So careful was he of avoiding the sin of fornication that he threw off the cloak that she had touched. (p. 124)

    In some American Novus Ordo parishes, the priest after Mass hugs every parishioner that he can get his hands on. I found the practice repulsive and avoided those priests when I had to attend the Novus Ordo.

    With such examples, however, how is poor Joe Biden supposed to know better? He just is. That’s how.

    • The bad priest is no excuse for the bad father, though.
      Biden knows what adultery and fornication are, no matter how hug-friendly his priest. He sees it in his son and daughter-in-law, and evidently approves.

  7. Joe Biden’s behavior explains a lot about himself, a molester, fornicator and resulting that no discipline in the family that the reason why all members are messed up with sexuality. This one is a cheat and liar. This arrogant and stupid dumb ass thinks he can corrupt the whole Church and above God’s law. Wait and see.

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