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Pope Francis: Still A Heretic


The SSPX is publishing a series of articles (five up to now) about Francis’ heresies. A sixth part will follow.

The fifth part deals with the question of Francis’ heresy: is Francis, then, a heretic? The very theologically oriented article first restricts the meaning of the word to the rigidly confined theological boundaries of  “a rejection or contradiction of a truth that is not only revealed but also proposed as such by an infallible act of the ecclesiastical Magisterium”, and then proceeds to (unavoidably) conclude that no, in this strict theological sense the Evil Clown is not a heretic, though he is clearly favens haeresim, “promoting heresy.”

Well I had to smile when I finished reading this part (I have not read yet the other four). What the author of the articles is saying is that Pope Francis is a heretic in the popular, commonly understood sense of the word, the one used by 99.99% of the population and their cats. However, the expression favens haeresim is the proper word to be used in the strict theological context. Quite. Of course. Fine with me. 

The fact is that, by God’s grace, the broader Catholic discourse is not confined to the boundaries of theological definitions, and that in common life and common sense language a person who promotes heresy is, ipso facto, a heretic.

I allow myself to say that this is not only a “popular use”, as the editor of the article says, but a beautiful expression of that sensus catholicus  that moves a healthy Catholic conscience to call excrement excrement, irrespective of the many shades of brown and grades of stinkiness a trained theologian may distinguish in the material, and more power to him. If it stinks like shit, has the colour of shit and the consistence of shit, then it is Francis’ Papacy. 

Therefore, it is not only unavoidable, but highly fitting that outside of theology faculties Pope Francis be called, as before, for what he is: a heretic. 

Pray for the end of this pontificate and a true restoration of sane Catholicism. No more Benedicts, no more Francises, no more of this V II nonsense. 

We want that old time religion. It will save you when you die. 







[REBLOG] More Catholic Than The Pope: Trump Exposes FrancisLie

NOT with her…



The exit polls I read around all indicate that Trump has won the Catholic vote (no, I am not talking of the judases with the same name, and may they sink in the irrelevance they richly deserved). If you ask me, the reason for this is not to be found in his (weak) homo stance, or in his defence of religious liberty and the consequence for Catholic organisations and religious orders in case of abolition of Obamacare. Whilst these factors probably played a role in some way, I do not think they were decisive. The decisive factor was, if you ask me, abortion.

Very bravely, Trump and Pence chose to “obsess” about abortion. In time, more and more tepid Catholics were forced to confront their conscience, and decide that the unborn child was more deserving of their vote than their wallet or their personal (dis)likings.

This seems to me to confirm a concept I have often expressed in the past: most Catholics are now like scattered sheep, unable and too lazy to follow their mediocre pastors. But at some level they still know what is what, and they know that truth can’t change. Once constantly confronted with the reality of Catholic teaching vigorously defended, slowly but surely many of them start to move in the right direction.

Catholicism is unique in this: that whoever start to defend it vocally does not have to reinvent or reshape anything. It is no novelty like a “New Labour” or “Reaganomics”, that must be developed, justified, tested. It’s there, beautifully immutable, ready for use and with no need of justification. You don’t have to persuade people that it works. It is enough to inform them that it exists. It is an all-encompassing, ready-to-use religious system with vast ramifications in the economic and social sphere. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet read for use, and available for free.

Trump and Pence used the buffet, and took from it a big portion of abortion and a side of religious freedom and persecuted nuns. And it worked spectacularly well, because shattered as they are, enough sheep were smart enough to listen to the improbable shepherds rather than to the poppycock of the “glass ceiling” and the criminal lesbian witch thinking it is enough to cry “Vaginas of the world, unite!”.

Trump and Pence chose to do exactly what Pope Francis so despised: they “obsessed about abortion” with a frankness unthinkable for most political personnel only a decade or two ago, and not frequently found even among US bishops. They exposed the cowardice and complicity with the Enemy of Francis and his socialist ilk. They showed that when a couple of willing – if imperfect – pastors show up, the sheep start to respond pretty fast.

Shame on you, Francis, lewd promoter of everything that is evil. The Trump Train rode all over you, and millions of Catholics now realise what a phony you are.

Millions now realise that even a Donald Trump, with all his much-publicised shortcomings, is way more Catholic than the Pope.




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