“[…]tra un mese Anonimidellacroce sarà in grado di pubblicare il contenuto della lettera fatidica che Benedetto ricevette prima di decidere di dimettersi”.

“In a month, AnonymousoftheCross will be able to publish the content of the fateful letter Benedict received before deciding to resign”

The bomb was published here.  More to come in a month (means: after Easter? Or literally during Holy Week?). The motives of Benedict’s abdication were allegedly a) very serious and b) nothing to do with his health. 

Yours truly reads, and reflect as follows: 

  1. I have always thought Benedict a decent man. Therefore, I have always believed his words, that his resignation was due to his feeling he was not strong enough to keep being an effective Pope. I think we owe the man, as every man we believe decent, to believe what he says until the contrary is proven.  
  2. I will wait to see whether something really gets published, and really confirms Benedict decided to resign because of external pressure. If it turns out Benedict is a liar (and, inevitably, a coward of stellar proportions), this is the reality we will have to live with. My estimation of the man took a decided turn south when he gave the gushing FrancisInterviews anyway. However, I greatly hesitate in believing that he could be such a horrible person. 
  3. If it turns out Benedict was put under pressure to resign, do not think for a moment this justifies the old man, no matter what caused the abdication. There is no universe in which the resignation of a Pope because of external pressure cannot be an act of immense cowardice. It is inconceivable that, say, Pius XII would have resigned if Stalin had said to him: “either you abdicate or I start a nuclear war”. A Pope must never be strong-armed, full stop. Nor does the Church recognise the idea of a Pope resigning because he embraces some “lesser evil” to avoid a bigger one. The idea that Benedict might have resigned to protect himself I do not even want to entertain.  
  4.  If it turns out Benedict was put under pressure, I will leave it to expert theologians to decide what happens next. However, it seems difficult to me to deny that the decision of Benedict was, in any way, voluntary. It is, also, what the man explicitly stated. If a Pope abdicates because he is a coward my first take is that he has still abdicated, and he is still a coward. To my knowledge, there is no provision that says that if the Pope is a coward, the next Pope can’t be validly elected. If this were the case, we would have the rather problematic possibility that the last, say, 203 Popes were invalidly elected and we never knew it.We live in the Age Of The Kitten. An age in which people like Cardinal Burke are considered courageous. We must cope with the fact that our clergy are a bunch of girls, Popes possibly included. But this does not mean that the entire institution of the Papacy is put into question.  
  5. It can still be that nothing comes out of this. “Fra’ Cristoforo” clearly wasn’t there, and he might not have seen the letter he mentions. Even the best can be deceived. 
  6. Don’t be distressed. Bad Popes are a constant fixture of the Church. Many Popes in the past have been put under pressure to condemn and destroy good people or institutions (Joan of Arc and the Knight Templars come to mind). The Church has survived. 

In what horribly entertaining times it was given us to live…! 




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  1. Wondering the role of Mon sign or Ganswein…

  2. Canon 188 clearly indicates the resignation would be invalid if forced: “A resignation made out of grave fear that is inflicted unjustly or out of malice, substantial error, or simony is invalid by the law itself.” Ann has been arguing from the grounds of substantial error, for which there is evidence, but I think less than convincing still. The grounds of malicious infliction of grave fear I think much more likely, with the two most prominent topics being lavender mafia and/or Vatican Bank.

    • It would have to be demonstrated, however, that thi sfear is what, in itself caused the resignation.
      Once Popes could be very young, and a credible threat to their lives could have caused a grave fear. But how the heck can you instill grave fear in a man who is already 83? Even assuming someone really threatened him with death?

      If he is put in front of a choice between resignation and scandal I do not think Canon 188 applies.

    • Why would grave fear be limited to death? Wouldn’t it apply to any grave matter? It would explain a lot, including his choice to remain inside the Vatican wearing white, he himself knowing he is still pope. Two other things still unsolved are the freezing of the bank and the thick homo dossier gone disappeared.

    • I cannot imagine that it is what you say. It assumes that a Pope is a little boy, not only afraid of death (extremely grave in itself) but of a lot of other things besides.

      We must stop seeing in Benedict (or in any Pope) a sort of good old kitten scared by evil people. He is supposed to die for the faith without flinching. That’s the beginning and the end of it. And if he is supposed to die without flinching, then obviously nothing else is a valid excuse to justify his cowardice.

      Plus, the more we enlarge the criteria of canon 188, the more we make a joke of the papacy. What if a Pope has been forced to appoint certain cardinals and not others, under the threat of killing him? Is the next Pope invalidly elected? How can we, then, know we have a valid succession of Popes?

  3. Yes, horribly entertaining is right! I followed the saying “motus in fine velocior” to romancatholicman, (where I’d never been before), where +Sheen talked about this time (Clown). I then found a video there that’ll make your day, (hint DJT). https://www.romancatholicman.com/hermit-loretos-1980s-premonition-president-trump/ . Enjoy.

  4. Mundabor,

    I think this Breitbart news link (below) may be related to the info which “Anonymous of the Cross” claims to be preparing to publish.

    It says ++Negri suggests the Obama regime engineered “regime change” in the Vatican.


    One question – if “Anonymous of the Cross” does indeed have information, why wouldn’t they just publish it immediately?

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