Fourth Anniversary: Eleven Things To Know And Share

francis balcony

“Boy, how many stupid Catholics out there!”

What is happening? 

The 13 of March is rapidly approaching. The day will mark the fourth anniversary of Francis’ papacy.

Why is this bad?

Because this papacy has been the most obscenely insane homoerotic, blasphemous, sacrilegious, socialist, atheist, anti-Catholic  heretical circus we could, actually, not imagine.

Do you mean to say that Francis is an obscenely insane homoerotic, blasphemous, sacrilegious, socialist, atheist, anti-Catholic heretical Pope?

No shit, Sherlock!

Is it appropriate to say this of the Pope? 

In the case of this Pope, it is appropriate to say this and much worse than this. Behave like a freakin’ Commie (and you the Pope!), be treated like one.

What can we do to help this situation to change? 

Pray that the Lord frees us from this disgrace. Do penance. Pray the Rosary.

What else? 

Denounce the disgrace of this Papacy whilst you explain the beauty of proper Catholicism. Paint the contrast between Francis and good Popes of the past. Don’t waste any occasion to explain proper, sound Catholicism. I suggest you skip V II altogether.

But this will not make any difference, surely?

It will potentially make a huge difference for your salvation. It might also touch the lives of others, perhaps in decades to come. You never know. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

And will people not call me “mean”, “homophobic”, “rigid”, and the like? 

‘Course they’ll do.

What shall I do, then? 

Why, double down, dear….

Shall I pray that the Pope dies? 

It is not sinful at all to pray that the Pope dies a painless death, if you do so for the good of the Church. However, I’ll leave it to you. You may set your hopes on abdication instead. It’s becoming fashionable nowadays. However, recent experiences have shown death is a much cleaner cut. We don’t want to have former Popes forming a football team, either.

Will the Church survive Francis?

The Church has survived Diocletian and Julian the Apostate. She will survive Francis all right.



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  1. Abdication???

    Not while there’s collaboration!

    Guess that leaves prayer…

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