Sacrilege Beyond Words


Let me start with a preliminary consideration: I find it very good, and very Catholic, to appropriate ourselves of Protestant music for our Catholic purposes. In past centuries – far more orthodox than this one – good souls had no hesitation in using the wonderful work of, say, Bach and Buxtehude for our beautiful liturgy. This was also easier, as in those times Protestant liturgies were much more similar to the Catholic one than today. The praxis was also reciprocated (understandably, from their perspective) by the Proddies, which led to the very famous episode of Allegri’s Miserere, a composition of such supernatural beauty that the commissioners decided that it should never fall in Protestant hands.

However, the principle remains: take the beauty produced by heretics and use it ad maiorem Dei gloriam instead. I will go so far as to say that I wish this effort were made today with the same zeal, adapting the words were necessary – and always reading the words in the Catholic sense – but importing the vast patrimony of beautiful Protestant music in our own Catholic world.

This is all good, provided we do what no child of ten would do: confuse the liturgies. This would be extremely bad even if made in ignorance, but it becomes positively satanical if made with the obvious, stated intent of downplaying the One True Church and put it beside any old Proddie wannabe “church”, as if they were merely two varieties of ice cream.

What has happened in St Peter is an abomination difficult to describe with words. I do not doubt that the music was wonderful, but this is exactly not the point. The point is that the lure of the beautiful music – beautiful music which should be “annexed” by the Catholic Church, and used to extol Her glory after the necessary adjustments – was used to allow a protestant mock liturgy to happen within the very sacred wall of the most representative Church in Catholicism: complete with mock priests, mock costumes, mock blessings, and the like.

The only adjective that comes to mind is: satanical. Only Satan can be behind such a grotesque insult to the Catholic Church, perpetrated by Pope and Cardinals and publicly executed in the presence of two of the latter. A sacrilege beyond words, perpetrated with the blessing, and in the presence, of what goes today for Princes of the Church. 

Mr Ferrara has said it so well that there would be no need to add more words; but as I write this blog also in order for it to speak on my behalf in my last hour, I wanted to have my inadequate considerations added to the pages of this little effort. When Francis’ offences and abominations go beyond what can be said with words, it is fitting that outrage be expressed by as many people as possible, irrespective of their ability to convey the extent of the sacrilege.

What Francis and his minions are doing goes beyond the scale of the imaginable only a few decades ago. It is astonishing to see this old man throw away the mask and openly, publicly, almost daily proclaim an alternative religion even as he insults and berates those who prefer to follow the old (and only) one. I can easily imagine the man putting a Buddha statue, Assisi-style, on the main altar of Saint Peter himself, and boast of the feat whilst his Cardinals blather about “tearing down walls”.

We have come to this point. I can’t imagine the situation will improve as long as Francis is Pope. Actually, my impression is that his attack to everything that is Catholic will get more and more aggressive, defying imagination again and again. We are living astonishing times. 

Is the Pope Catholic? 

In name and official function only. In reality, he is a dyed-in-the-wool enemy of the Church. 

Pray that 2017 is the year that rids us of this scourge. We don’t know what will come afterwards, but at least we will have a shot at some sort of improvement. 


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  1. He is not Catholic. He doesn’t believe what the Church teaches. He even rejects the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, claiming that they no longer apply in the context of today.

    What these Jesuits did is this – under the pretext of love and mercy, openness to the world to invite it to the Catholic Faith, they sneakily opened the Church instead to becoming like the ungodly world. After they realized the plan of engineering an ignorant and demoralized people, who call good evil, and evil good, they claim that the changes are caused by an organic evolution, a movement caused by the Holy Spirit. They KNOW that their machinations are behind it, but for the purpose of establishing their new religion, they lie to the faces of the ignorant, and to the faces of the aware equally – making a claim equal to the assertion – WE are the Holy Spirit. Our lies and evil deeds are His workings.

    Even if some of the changes they have forced upon us were attractive to me, I would still have to refuse to acknowledge them, because they come from very deceitful people. who have used the naivety and abused the trust of the unsuspecting and the well-meaning. Yes, Bergoglio is all things to all people. He will praise pro-lifers at breakfast, and encourage pro-deathers at lunch. And he will be proud of it. He is not driven by ill-conceived mercy (to tell everyone what they most desire to hear) but by his grandiose plan to save the world by uniting that which can never be united. Truth and lie do not combine well, and this is why persecution and censorship are increasing. Dissidents, as always, must be ridiculed and vilified. Children must be brainwashed.

    The Truth remains what it has always been, but when the people wholeheartedly believe that good is evil, and evil is good, the mockery and soon persecution of Catholics faithful to Jesus Christ is what their degenerated consciences dictate as good and necessary. The shepherds have abandoned their Master, and now the people, believing lies, seeing Truth as cause of hate and evil, can easily be deployed to destroy the remnant.

  2. soporte manager

    “Let me start with a preliminary consideration: I find it very good, and very Catholic, to appropriate ourselves of Protestant music for our Catholic purposes.”

    Sure! of course it is!

    The Queen, The Royal Mother Ecclessia can BORROW a “dress” from her ENEMY “the mistress” to cover herself in the Most Holy Liturgy… and there is nothing wrong with it!

    How I did not see it before?… better to displace OUR music in favor of THEIRS… there is no major issue for it at all !!!

    No one can INTERPRET IT as a “act of becoming close”

    • Your lack of humour makes you attempt at sarcasm very lame.
      By the way, the practice was very spread in times more catholic than you can even imagine.
      You should get out more.

  3. Ecumaniac’s of the world unite! This has been a problem since Vatican II. Whilst, I am certain that many Protestants are of good will and may even receive sanctifying graces from God. They very well may be invincibly ignorant, who knows? (difficult in this day and age though). However, it still stands to reason that they belong to a heretical sect. They are not a Church. They belong to an ecclesiastical community which over a long period of time have plunged into even deeper heresy and error. It brings one to ask,is it even Christian? It is deplorable that the Vatican has allowed this sacrilege. It is a mockery of our faith, it is a mockery of Christ. Our priests are true priests theirs are not. Our faith is the true faith, theirs is not. Enough said!
    The more I read Mortalium Animos the more I am convinced of the wisdom of Pope Pius XI. If Francis was truly merciful he would charitably point out that there is no salvation outside of the one true Catholic Church and invite them to convert. Then they can sing to their hearts content.
    Alternatively, Pope Francis could always leave the Vatican and go and live in Canterbury. I am sure he would feel right at home. Good old Chris Ferrara; you just got to love that guy.

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