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Will The Correction Come? Keeping The Faith In The Age Of The Kitten Cardinal

four little kittens


Will, then, the famous correction come?

Fra Cristoforo says it won’t.

Edward Pentin says it will.

I quote the Bible:

 Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

I will be very glad if the correction comes. I will be moderately sad if it doesn’t. But one way or the other my faith will not be shaken, my days will go on exactly in the same way and my salvation will not be directly influenced by it.

I believe in God, the Father Almighty. I do not believe in four Cardinals. As far as I am concerned, these Cardinals can decide to send themselves to hell together with the others and it’s their decision, not mine. Or they might decide to finally, finally, finally take a stand against Francis’ abomination and denounce at least his heresies, and bully for them. But no, my faith will not move one micron whether they speak or not. 

Too many people think of the Church as a wonderful apparatus that never misses a bit. They lack historic depth and basic understanding of human nature. Several times in history the Church was plunged into chaos, and this chaos went on, at times, for many decades. 

The Church has a supernatural and a human aspect. The supernatural aspect lies in her ultimate nature and function, and in the protection she enjoys.  The human aspect is the way humans run her here on earth. 

If Jesus had wanted the Church to be the Most Wonderful Perfect Institution He would have chosen angels, not men, to run her. The very first man he picked for the job denied him. Out of the very first twelve bishops one betrayed him, and other ten had no guts to show up at the foot of the cross. If your faith is shaken because we live in The Age Of The Kitten Cardinal you haven’t been paying attention both at doctrine and in history class.   

I wish the Cardinals salvation. I hope that at least four of them will make a decisive step in that direction. But I wouldn’t be shocked at all in knowing, one day, that all of them went to hell, with no exception. Bishops and Cardinals do not decide about the validity of the Only Church. They can only decide about their eternal destiny vis-à-vis their duties towards her.

Hope that the Cardinals decidee to speak, but do not be discouraged if they don’t. Keep praying your rosary. Keep deepening your faith. Keep looking to heaven, where the saints are on your side, rather than in the gutter of cowardice and convenience , where you will find most bishops and cardinals. 

One day we will die, and on that day whether Burke & Co. have found the nerve to finally, finally, finally do their damn job will not play any role in your salvation. 

But pray your rosary, deepen your faith, resolve to be unshakable in your determination to die in the one true faith. And let any Cardinal who wants to send himself to hell.

Hell will be packed with kitten priests, kitten bishops and kitten cardinals.  





[REBLOG] Jesus, Joseph And Mary Were Not Illegals

In another show of diabolical misinformation about the simplest facts of life we are, now and then, told, or rather suggested, that the Holy Family was in the same situation as the army of pimps, prostitutes, small criminals, their children and families, and other opportunists or simple scroungers (and, possibly, terrorists) who now wish to enter Europe without being in possession of the legal requirements to be considered refugees simply because… we are getting more and more stupid.

Let us clarify a point here: Jesus, Joseph and Mary were never “illegals”. They did not dodge any frontier post. They did not fake any distress call. They did not pay any criminal to smuggle them anywhere.

They simply moved from a territory under direct or indirect control of the Roman Empire to another territory under direct or indirect control of the Roman Empire. Exactly as Jesus did when going to and fro between Judea and Galilee. Exactly as St. Paul did when moving around the Mediterranean. Exactly as Christianity spread all over the Empire. There is clear indication in the Gospel – and there is obvious indication in the history books – that none of these movements was “illegal”.

Nor has Christianity ever taught that frontiers are illegals, or boundaries unjust. Those who tell you such rubbish are the third-worldist enemies of the West, aided by their Muslim brother in arms, all of them at war against Western culture and civilisation.

It always sends my adrenaline levels to the sky when I hear illegality preached as something not only good, but godly.

I wonder why Pope Tree Hugger never talks about these simple facts?


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