Will The Correction Come? Keeping The Faith In The Age Of The Kitten Cardinal

four little kittens


Will, then, the famous correction come?

Fra Cristoforo says it won’t.

Edward Pentin says it will.

I quote the Bible:

 Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

I will be very glad if the correction comes. I will be moderately sad if it doesn’t. But one way or the other my faith will not be shaken, my days will go on exactly in the same way and my salvation will not be directly influenced by it.

I believe in God, the Father Almighty. I do not believe in four Cardinals. As far as I am concerned, these Cardinals can decide to send themselves to hell together with the others and it’s their decision, not mine. Or they might decide to finally, finally, finally take a stand against Francis’ abomination and denounce at least his heresies, and bully for them. But no, my faith will not move one micron whether they speak or not. 

Too many people think of the Church as a wonderful apparatus that never misses a bit. They lack historic depth and basic understanding of human nature. Several times in history the Church was plunged into chaos, and this chaos went on, at times, for many decades. 

The Church has a supernatural and a human aspect. The supernatural aspect lies in her ultimate nature and function, and in the protection she enjoys.  The human aspect is the way humans run her here on earth. 

If Jesus had wanted the Church to be the Most Wonderful Perfect Institution He would have chosen angels, not men, to run her. The very first man he picked for the job denied him. Out of the very first twelve bishops one betrayed him, and other ten had no guts to show up at the foot of the cross. If your faith is shaken because we live in The Age Of The Kitten Cardinal you haven’t been paying attention both at doctrine and in history class.   

I wish the Cardinals salvation. I hope that at least four of them will make a decisive step in that direction. But I wouldn’t be shocked at all in knowing, one day, that all of them went to hell, with no exception. Bishops and Cardinals do not decide about the validity of the Only Church. They can only decide about their eternal destiny vis-à-vis their duties towards her.

Hope that the Cardinals decidee to speak, but do not be discouraged if they don’t. Keep praying your rosary. Keep deepening your faith. Keep looking to heaven, where the saints are on your side, rather than in the gutter of cowardice and convenience , where you will find most bishops and cardinals. 

One day we will die, and on that day whether Burke & Co. have found the nerve to finally, finally, finally do their damn job will not play any role in your salvation. 

But pray your rosary, deepen your faith, resolve to be unshakable in your determination to die in the one true faith. And let any Cardinal who wants to send himself to hell.

Hell will be packed with kitten priests, kitten bishops and kitten cardinals.  





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  1. We shouldn’t be satisfied with our own salvation only, but also care for those who blindly trust the Cardinals, lest they all fall into the pit.

    • Very true. Caring for others is one of the way you care for your own salvation. The message of the post is that you can’t stop just because the Cardinals are kitten.

  2. They will claim after Easter, then after Pentecost, then after Christmas until they hope everyone forgot about it and will stop mentioning it.

  3. Good pep talk Mundy. I agree. Let us not lose any sleep over this. The Cardinals will do what they will do and we must do what our Lord commands. As long as we keep that straight we will be OK.

  4. Wonderful and TIMELY post. As so many of us are up to our eyeballs with witnessing the filth inside the Church of Christ, through some faithful bloggers, like you, the Holy Spirit speaks: “Be at peace, I the Lord your God am IN CONTROL. Foster your own faith life, I the Lord your God will help you and the Blessed Mother will guide you! PRAY THE ROSARY!” Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit! I felt like this was for me particularly, but I think it was a message for many of us.

    • I do not even dare to think for a moment that the Holy Ghost could be speaking through me. I am not one of those like Cardinal Hummes, who go around saying “hey, what a beautiful thing I have said, must have been the Holy Spirit!”

      Read everything I write with a critical mind, and compare it with what the Church has always taught. I am no better than anyone else, and I do not think anyone is making any special work through me.

      I am a pretty articulate guy, is all.


  5. Really disappointing! Especially after “storming heaven”. Life after Guam, Iran? It won’t make a jot of difference to me either. I shall carry on with the Traditional Mass with a Traditional order. And carry on reciting my rosary for deliverance from the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  6. sixlittlerabbits

    A great post, Mundabor, but it may be unfair to innocent kittens! Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  7. Exactly! Our salvation doesn’t depend on the actions of the four Cardinals. Yes, they should do their job and make the formal correction, but our salvation comes from the Lord who by His ultimate sacrifice has already redeemed us. Any institution run by humans has the potential to be good or bad. Presently, those in charge of the Church are exercising their free will to make very bad choices, via which the tempter is trying to lead us astray. But they won’t live forever, and in their place will come righteous leaders who will restore the Church. Mundabor, you really summed up the whole dubia/cardinals/pope situation and put it in the right perspective!

    • Thanks, Christina!

      The message is that we must soldier on no matter what. I would not want it to be read (as another commenter did) as “just save yourself, the others don’t count”.


  8. ilovevictoriasbows

    Maybe Burke asked to be sent to Guam.

  9. If I were a man, I’d pat you on the back and say, let me buy you a pint tonight! Well done, and no, very well done. You’ve captured it perfectly. I understand there are different ways of looking at things, but I like to look at things pragmatically, and calling a spade a spade. Holy rollers tsk tsk, “don’t be insulting the good Cardinals” or “the smoke of Satan is in the combox tonight”. Feh. I’m fed up with these priests, Bishops, and Cardinals, and I want to hear from others who feel the same frustrated way I do. There is a time for righteous anger, if I could I’d make a cord of whips and start to whipping at the Vatican, but I can’t, so, all I’ve got is words.
    These men, these mere men, who are making a mockery of the Church, tearing it apart with their heresies, I can’t say much about them, because then I will be offensive, but the apparent weaklings? The cowards? The ones who wear martyr red but won’t even be inconvenienced for Christ? The ones who see the Church being pulled apart and put on a meek little baby’s defense of Her? The men who know Catholics are suffering but can’t be bothered that much to come out with a man’s defense of Christ, the faith, the Church, the flock? I’ve lost most of my respect for that bunch, and would like to see the red robes turn to the appropriate color, YELLOW.
    If they issue a formal correction, I’ll apologize, but I don’t think it’s coming. They have had ample reason, ample time. They are going to keep their positions, enjoy their humiliations, and retire in comfort.

    • IF they issue the correction, they will have done ***their damn duty***, and ***not a day too soon***.
      Nothing to apologise for.
      What times are we living in, if every kitten is entitled to apologies because once in a blue moon he has been Catholic.
      P.S. I consider myself duly patted, and thanks for the pint! 😉

  10. Let’s hope that Pentin is correct! There is a conference scheduled in Paris to examine the posibility of deposing a Pope. It seems to me this is a theological question more than a canon law question and that the answer is obvious when the Pope has deviated from Catholic doctrine on critical topics, especially if he is insisting that the bishops aminister the sacraments and teach the Faithful based on his error.

  11. May God let POTUS sends Steve Bannon ASAP to help them organize “Coup D’etat”. God have mercy.

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