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E’ Primavera! Uplifting Reflections in The Times Of Francis


It’s Spring, and this year it is a somewhat different Spring. 

After four years of devastation, in the next months things might come to a head. This year we might finally have meowing Cardinal kitten, or even – if we are extremely lucky and the Lord assists us – the one or other kitten producing himself in somewhat vaguely resembling a roar. Come on, it’s Spring! Let me daydream a bit…

Getting a bit of distance from the daily business, however, we can see this: kitten or no kitten, this Papacy is unraveling like the South American corrupt, incompetent, boorish, actually stupid dictatorship that it is. This is clear enough with or without meowing kitten. 

The Cardinals may speak, or more probably won’t. The devastation may continue, or not. The next Pope could a tragedy like Tagle or someone more Conservative like Piacenza, probably among the best or least worst this corrupt generation can produce; but one fact is clear: real Catholics aren’t buying Francis fake currency. 

It is Spring. Leave aside the cares of the day and reflect that no amount of sexual perversion or demonic subversion can stop the sun, the seasons, or the Truth. 




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