Meet Francis, The Humble Shitter



How I love those pictures that say everything without a single word! 

Shabby Pope is here pictured in the act of going out of a Porta Potty in Milan, whilst the present (including, no doubt, professional photographers) are snapping like there is no tomorrow. 

This would make for a couple of nice headlines: “Porta Pope”, “The Humble Shitter” and “Pope Humbly Piddles In Front Of Cameras” come to mind. 

After which, the Humble Shitter was flown back to his entire floor of a quite nice Hotel. 

The hypocrisy is so strong in this one that he does not see the contradiction between these empty gestures of “humbleness” and his splendid life.

Almost as strong as the hypocrisy is the vanity: the old lewd man is so eager to make a headline that he does not hesitate to literally piddle (or faking a piddle) in front of the cameras. This abnormal vanity and desire to attract attention and approval is, by the way, a well-known mark of homosexuals, which is why so many of them become actors and politicians.      

Francis is both. And a clown to boot. 

Shit well, Evil Clown. 

You will have your reward. 






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  1. I am speechless.

  2. What a grub! Still, his patron Saint, Martin Luther, did his best work in the same place.

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