Married Priests? Let’s Wait And See


The smoke of Satan is getting very, very thick… 


The anonymous, apparently well-informed blog of Fra’ Cristoforo has published a post announcing Francis’ intention to allow – as a general praxis rather than the exception as it is traditional in the Roman Rite – married men to become priests

This document, says Fra’ Cristoforo, will be not an encyclical, but a pastoral letter. The application of the rule will be universal. The document will be released before the end of Autumn.  I don’t need to tell you that whilst, in a way, strictly a matter of discipline, priest celibacy has in the West such a strong tradition that for most Westerners it is difficult to even imagine a Catholic Church made of married priests as the usual case. I have also read that in many quarters the tradition of priest celibacy is deemed so hallowed by time that it should be considered an unofficial matter of doctrine, a factually untouchable mainstay of the Church in the West. There is no doubt that the news would be historic, and the disruption in the Barque of Peter huge. I will rant against this plan as time allows, which is: not today.  

I report this as a humble blogger, because I think it is important enough to be mentioned. I also believe in the good faith of Fra’ Cristoforo.

What I am less convinced of – but ready to change my mind – is the actual truthfulness of his sources. Sources which might, in fact, be using him to promote a “Fake News” narrative and try to discredit the Traditionalist, anti-Francis movement. Which would be a stupid thing to do, but then again many liberal priests, Bishops and Cardinals are stupid. 

I published some time ago another explosive revelation of Fra’ Cristoforo, concerning Benedict’s abdication.  In it, Fra’ Cristoforo states: 

“[…]tra un mese Anonimidellacroce sarà in grado di pubblicare il contenuto della lettera fatidica che Benedetto ricevette prima di decidere di dimettersi”.

“In a month, AnonymousoftheCross will be able to publish the content of the fateful letter Benedict received before deciding to resign”

It is fairly obvious to your humble correspondent that Fra’ Cristoforo does not have the material, but was promised it would be delivered to him.   

Well, this is a very simple matter then. Either this famous letter is released and authentic, or it is not released or not authentic. I will personally await for the event (scheduled during Holy week if we take Fra’ Cristoforo literally, though we might give him some slack in the form of a week or two) in order to see how truthful these revelations are.

Again, it’s not that I doubt the personal integrity of the man. I doubt the personal integrity of those who feed him the “scoops”.

As I wait for the Holy Week, I allow myself a last, small reflection: Francis is such a plague that there is no rumor, no matter how savage, that would be dismissed out of hand as not realistic because obviously un-Catholic. Actually, the contrary is the case: the most unCatholic the plan, the more reliable appears the rumor.

And there can be no doubt that this idea of married priests as the usual way is, doctrine or no doctrine, as unCatholic as they come.


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  1. Armitage Smyth

    Regardless, the expectation would be continence and chastity, and this would have to be an agreement between husband and wife. Aaaand this would have to be widely advertised as a good thing, wives would have to consider the religious life too.

    • Whence do you have that? If the person is already married when he becomes a priest I do not think continence (in the sense of “no marital act”) would be a requirement. Every former Anglican fake priest who is married and becomes a catholic priest does not have such a requirement.

  2. Yes. Thank you. Why has the Sensus Catholicus grown so muddled that even at the Remnant people were talking about how great married Priests would be? Diabolical disorientation if I ever saw it.

    Married deacons (barf- they should really read canon 277), are helping pave the way.

  3. Historically, laymen who happened to be married and had the priestly vocation, with permission of the bishop and with the public consent of their (layman’s) wife, have been ordained into the priesthood. But the complete departure against what “pope” Francis is promoting, is that things such as they were, the men LEFT their wives. Just as the apostles did. Bergoglio wants for everyone to bake their own cake and eat it at the same time.
    As you mentioned in your article, this is not Catholic.

  4. Whatever destruction he has time to do, he clearly will do. Yet of course we know that he will not squat in the Chair of Peter one second more than God allows.

  5. I have said before that in my diocese, the most liberal in Buenos Aires province, many priests have quite scandalous lives (e.g. active homosexuality, women and children, etc).

    The movements seen in my diocese this year seem to confirm the rumours from Fra Cristoforo. A priest that was known for having a family in secret has finally obtained a more elevated position after years of working in a very insignificant post. Another with a family was finally given a parish to administer, so it seems that this scandalous behaviours are finally not being punished but actually given a visible and approved position within the church, as if soon it were to be ok for everyone.

  6. Hi!

    Thanks for the excellent work you do through this blog in these confusing times. I keep you in my prayers.

    I have a question: I have seen you state multiple times here that the faithful Catholic has the right and even perhaps the duty to pray for the painless death of a Pontiff if he is a disgrace to the Church. I believe that you have written this from your Sensus Catholicus, but could you possibly give a reference for such a permission from Tradition/Magisterium or the writings of any Saints? It would be of help when discussing this point with other people who are consfused about what exactly they can pray for in this situation we find ourselves.


    • Hi James, and thanks for your prayers.

      I can guarantee to you that, whilst it certainly corresponds to the sensus catholicus, I have read the statement more than once in both books and unimpeachable Catholic sites. However, having read a lot of books and even more unimpeachable Catholic sites it is difficult for me to remember where I have read what.

      If you are discussing the point with friends you could simply state this: that not to pray for the painless death of the Pope when you know the Pope is a disgrace for the Church would mean to put the earthly existence of a disgraceful Pope (who will, anyway, not live one second longer than God allows) before the health of the Church and the salvation of souls.

      Death if the unavoidable end of every life. This idea that it be atrocious to pray God for the moment already decreed for everyone of us smacks of idolatry of life.


  7. Recently the Chilean Bishops met with Francis and afterwards they reported that he had managed to be clear, concise and orthodox as regards communion for the divorced & “remarried”.

    The Chilean Bishops also reported that Francis had also made it clear to them “that a more voluntary celibacy is not in his agenda” when it came to the priesthood.

    Here is the link to the story:

    Of course, the Church today is an incoherent mess of contradictory statements and so you are right, Mundabor, that ultimately we need to “wait and see”.

    • Gabriel,
      the “statement” count absolutely nothing.
      The Pope has been officially presented with Dubia, and those are the ones he must officially answer.
      All the rest is from the devil.

  8. I wouldn’t trust Fra Cristoforo any further than I could throw him.

    He looks like the typical Novus Ordo infilitrator, promising information but ultimately acting like Perez Hilton.

    [link edited]

    • Don’t be dumb, cafdrama.
      The link you have posted is a slandering satyrical page. Pure excrement.
      Woe to you if I suspect that you have posted the link on purpose, knowing its nature.

  9. If celibacy in the Western Church is so highly valued, then why are married Protestant and Eastern Orthrodox clergy who convert allowed to retain their faculties? That entire practice makes clerical celibacy moot, for all intents and purposes. It also calls into question the whole idea of a priest being an alter Christus.

    • There is a simple answer to this: priests celibacy is not a matter of doctrine. However, what you say describes very well how salutary priests celibacy has been for the Church, to the extent that without it the very function of a priest seems diminished, amputated.

  10. johnfkennedy63

    Well, here we are, nearing the end of Holy Week and I’ve not seen anything from Fra’ Cristoforo. Anyone else?

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