Dramatic Gestures And Dramatic Decline

Obama Wall

Former President Hussein Obama builds a wall to prevent the entrance of illegals. 

I read in a horrible fake Catholic magazine (and therefore, no link) that if several among the highest-profile US Bishops and cardinals were to make some grand gesture in favour of illegal immigration, they might control the narrative for some 24-48 hours, thus allowing most Catholics to know where they stand on this very crucial matter. 

All this is very moving, and as I speak I have a furry polar bear cub and an extremely cuddly baby seal near me, and sharing my commotion. oh, how good-hearted we feel!

However, the reality on the ground is that:

  1. There is nothing in Catholic doctrine that says a bishop, or any Catholic, should promote, endorse or aid and abet illegality (try the latter as “grand gesture”, bishops! No oranges from me when you are in jail!).
  2. It is not unlikely that an awful lot of Catholics (perhap smore than 50% of those who voted)  have voted for Trump. 
  3. It is fairly sure that White Catholics have supported Trump in their majority, and again it is very fair to assume that these provide the biggest chunk of the donations. 

It follows from this that if the Bishops managed to have all American Catholics accurately informed about their stance on illegal immigration this would not help them a bit to “convert” their sheep. Rather, it would have the effect of the sheep finally realising what obscene bunch of (effeminate) social justice warriors they have as shepherds, and cutting their donation as a result.

It would be nice to see all those V II churches have to ask leftist, abortionists, and assorted perverts for financial help in order to avoid closing. And closing is what the Social Justice Church of V II deserves, until the utter failure of this depraved generation becomes so apparent that the pendulum starts swinging in the other direction and something gets done. For the avoidance of doubt, I support every action with which the U.S. Bishops help the faithful to understand what scoundrels they are. Oportet ut scandala eveniant, and all that…. 

Dear US reader, please don’t give any money to any diocese with even a whiff of approval of illegal immigration. Direct your donations to the SSPX, FSSP or other organisation without any trace of SJW mentality in them instead. 

Starve Archbishop Gomez, cardinal O’Malley and all their ilk.  

Make the Church great again!





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  1. We have stopped giving. It hurts, frankly, but we cannot and will not support the invasion of our country by anybody. Our local diocese is busy bringing in Haitians through their Haitian ministry, and frankly, it has brought our area some not so good things, like a voodoo murder of a pregnant woman.
    We agree with your sentiments here, 100%.

  2. Have no fear; the American Catholic Church is doing a good job of shutting itself down.

  3. Proud Trump supporter here. I agree that we should support conservative, traditional parishes. They are the future of the Church.

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