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“Service of Hope” ?!

Today, a “service of hope” took place in Westminster to commemorate the victims of the recent terror act perpetrated, what a surprise, by Christians Hindus Buddhists (cough) Muslims.

The news were at pain to describe the event “service of hope”, though I am not really clear about what this actually means.

If you believe in God, of course you have hope that you might save your backside in the end. But then why not call this “memorial service” (interfaith, of course; modern Brits are very embarrassed of their Christian heritage)?

Perhaps the hope is that the world may one day be free of (insert years your favourite problem: terrorism, racism, hunger, violence, etc.). Well, I have news for you: it's not going to happen. Fallen humans will keep behaving like fallen humans, and only someone who does not believe in Original Sin can “hope” otherwise.

Then there is the question of which “hope” atheists may have. If there is no afterlife, the victims of the attack were simply screwed in the way you screw ants when you wash your patio with the pressure washer. They were in the wrong place. We are so awfully sorry for the loss, but hey, they are now dust, gone, with no feelings or memory, food for worm in due time, and no rhyme or reason in their death, which is – in this perspective – not one bit less bleak and less absurd than their life.

It seems to me that nowadays words are used just because of the way they sound, without any thought about what they are supposed to mean.

That's how you can have a “service of hope”.



Je Ne Suis Pas St Petersbourg!

In the wake of the terror attack in St Petersburg, which killed eleven and injured more than fifty, you would have expected the Tour Eiffel, the Brandenburger Tor and all the usual feel-good monuments to be lighted with the colours of the Russian flag as happened for other Countries in other feel-good occasions. Actually, the Brandenburger Tor was even lighted in rainbow colours after the massacre of sodomites perpetrated by, actually, one of them (and Muslim to boot).

Alas, nothing of the sort has happened this time, and the usual oh so diverse European Governments have avoided any feel-good public gesture in support of the Russian people.

This clearly goes to show that such gestures are not made out of respect for the victims, but merely to push an ideology: the one-world, perverted, touchy-feely Western society based on slow self-destruction, tolerance for abomination and the tale of the “good Islam” unfortunately misrepresented by … his most orthodox and ardent followers.

No, we aren't St Peterburg. We are French, perverts, blasphemers, Turks.

We are just never Christians.


John Vennari, R.I.P.

The link on the Remnant does not open, but it is clear John Vennari has died.

“Well done, good and faithful servant” comes to mind.

A beautiful life goes to a well-prepared end after fighting for Truth to the end. What a great blessing for him, and what a great blessing his work was for us.

May the Lord allow your humble correspondent and every one of his readers to die, if not after a life so well spent as Mr Vennari's, at least having been made worthy of Purgatory.


You Are Not Alone

It pains me to read around of the devastation that Francis is causing, and of the feeling some have that all is useless because Amoris Laetitia will inevitably metastasise (I agree with that, though) and we have already entered an age of unprecedented confusion and de facto schism from inside the Church.

Whenever such thoughts assault me, I reflect on the following:

  1. The Church is not a photography of those alive in 2017. It is a community of believers spanning 2000 years. Francis and his ilk are not even on the radar screen. You are not only right, but you are with the vast majority.
  2. If you think these times apocalyptic, you need to read history more. We live in a time of unprecedented peace and wealth, which inter alia means that you can comfortably access two thousand years of Catholic wisdom and digest them from the comfort of your couch. Francis is absolutely powerless against Truth so easily accessed. Never has it been so comfortable to work on your salvation. Francis cannot deceive anyone. He will merely provide an excuse to those who want to be deceived. If you told me that you would prefer to live in the time of the Black Plague but with an orthodox Pope I would not believe you. Actually, I would consider you an armchair warrior with a great penchant for whining from a very high level of comfort, and not knowing what he is talking about.
  3. Yes, the devil is tempting you. He always does. One generation is tempted to lose the faith because of a huge pestilence; another because of so many young men who died in the trenches; a third one because of an open schism with two or three pretenders to the papal throne; and a fourth one, because an Evil Clown is the Pope. The devil's ways are different. The intention is always the same, and is the real unchangeable story in the history of humanity. Nihil sub sole novi.

The Lord in His Goodness has decreed that our generation should be punished with the metastasis of the cancer of V II. We endure the chemo without questioning His wisdom. We submit to His will and make the best of the time given to us. We know this for an absolute certainty: that the means of salvation are given to everyone of us irrespective of how disgraceful Francis or any of his successors may become.


You don't need a Catholic Pope to save your soul. You don't even need the approval of the astonishingly tiny minority – compared with 2000 years of Catholic Church – of 2017 FrancisCatholics. You are not alone. Actually, almost everyone – and absolutely every single one who was right these last twenty Centuries – is on your side.


Francis is a cancer, but neither the Church nor your faith can die of it. Sixty-five generations of Catholics in heaven look at you and approve.


What do you care about Francis' insults.



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