Je Ne Suis Pas St Petersbourg!

In the wake of the terror attack in St Petersburg, which killed eleven and injured more than fifty, you would have expected the Tour Eiffel, the Brandenburger Tor and all the usual feel-good monuments to be lighted with the colours of the Russian flag as happened for other Countries in other feel-good occasions. Actually, the Brandenburger Tor was even lighted in rainbow colours after the massacre of sodomites perpetrated by, actually, one of them (and Muslim to boot).

Alas, nothing of the sort has happened this time, and the usual oh so diverse European Governments have avoided any feel-good public gesture in support of the Russian people.

This clearly goes to show that such gestures are not made out of respect for the victims, but merely to push an ideology: the one-world, perverted, touchy-feely Western society based on slow self-destruction, tolerance for abomination and the tale of the “good Islam” unfortunately misrepresented by … his most orthodox and ardent followers.

No, we aren't St Peterburg. We are French, perverts, blasphemers, Turks.

We are just never Christians.


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  1. One suspects that Putin’s retaliation will be swift and targeted.

  2. Anybody who seriously believes that the “multicultural,” “compassionate,” “diverse” neo-Marxists truly care about innocent victims of anything probably believes that Norwich City will win the Champions’ League next year.

  3. Just went to a Maronite mass in Buenos Aires’ Lebanese church. The intentions asked for their region to be “cleansed from the terrorist filth” (literally: “lacra terrorista”). This must be a shocking statement for the politically-correct advocates of “ecumenical dialogue” so common among “Catholics” nowadays…

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