Stupidity vs Cowardice


The Evil Clown has now publicly praised the two FrancisBishops of Malta for releasing their notorious guidelines on sacrilegious communion.

We keep notice the same tactics here: one hushed word to the Chilean Bishop in private and a praise of the Maltese bishop in public. No answer from him to the Dubia, but the head of the CDF stating that no answer is due. Deception, confusion, hypocrisy on steroids below which is, as every intelligent mind understands, a deep desire to destroy everything Catholicism has always represented.

It astonishes me that some people keep calling this a clever master plan. It isn't. It is the stupid behaviour of a very stupid man. It is as predictable and as easy to see through as the excuse of the child found with his hands in the cookie jar. In a sane world it would not work for more than a quarter of an hour.

The reason why Francis is getting his way is not a supposed clever mind. It is the astonishing cowardice of bishops and cardinals who very well see what the man is doing and prefer to shut up in front of such an open attack to everything that is Catholic.

Francis' papacy has exposed not only the inevitable consequence of the V II nonsense. It has also exposed the astonishing weakness of the Church hierarchy, whose several thousand bishops are unable to muster any meaningful resistance to a man who would make Luther – and certainly makes Satan – proud.

It is very clear now that the once so strong Catholic hierarchy, influential and feared by local politicians almost everywhere, has been hollowed from the inside for more than fifty years; leaving little more than a skeleton, a fragile house of card unable to withstand even the open, public proclamation of heresy and praise of sacrilege from her very top. Whilst the Church is and remain indefectible and it will never be wiped out of the earth, this is a barque that is now rotten in every plank, and keeps floating only because of Divine assistance.

In the battle between stupidity and cowardice, the evident stupidity of Francis is being clearly surpassed by the astonishing stupidity of our shepherds.

May they get, all of them, the treatment they have deserved when they die.



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  1. Ain’t that the truth? We’ve been lamenting the fact that the hierarchy is infested with a strategically placed gay mafia, when the reality is it’s this plus if a sodomite couldn’t be found then default to the most timid priest in the diocese.

  2. It’s evil, pure evil. That someone that calls himself pope says something like: “come memoria di colui che si è fatto peccato, che si è fatto diavolo, serpente, per noi; si è abbassato fino ad annientarsi totalmente” in public, that’s plain mockery and evil.

    Someone will stop him in due time, God will. Meanwhile, he’s exposing all that you said he was exposing (V II errors, coward curia, etc)….and when error is exposed….well, it cannot be hidden again.

    Let’s pray it doesn’t take much longer and that we don’t go down with them.

  3. .It will be the traditional laity and a few faithful prelates and priests that restore the Church to its former glory, eventually. As long as they remain firm to the perennial teaching of the Church. Until then we have to suffer this diabolical nonsense with great patience and trust.

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