Today is Heresy Extermination Day!

One year after, Amoris Laetitia was just as stinky as the first day.


Today marks the first anniversary of the official release of the worse load of horse manure ever to come out of the backside of a Jesuit horse (or ass, as you prefer). The stink is just as strong as the first day, and it is slowly but surely expanding worldwide.

I suggest that the 8 April becomes Heresy Extermination Day; a day in which Catholics all over the words join in prayer to ask the Lord to put an end to all and sundry heresies, particularly those coming from the Vatican.

“Catholics of the world, unite!”





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  1. I am happy to join my prayers for the cause!

  2. Actually it’s even more stinky as Francis has simply let the smell continue to stink out the church

  3. Cor blimey, what a pong! I can smell it from here. There is something rotten in Rome and we all must fight it tooth and claw.

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