Does Maradiaga Have A Point?

“Go give an interview, Oscar”.


Cardinal “I am in Soros’ pocket” Maradiaga gave an interview some weeks ago (everyone gives interviews to everyone these days). The interview is notable for the insulting remarks against the Four Kitten Cardinals.  

However, this blog post is not about that. It is about a remark that the Soros-funded Cardinal makes before dropping a Mother of All Bombs on the Four Cardinals Kitten and calling them Pharisees. Maradiaga states:

I think, in the first place, that they [the four cardinals] have not read Amoris Laetitia,

Well, yeah, the man might be on to something here.  

The heresy in Amoris Laetitia is so widespread, so obvious, so all-pervasive, that the idea of having doubts whether it spreads heresy might well indicate that… one has not read it.

Kudos to the Soros-sponsored Cardinal, then. From the mouth of the heretics, and all that…  



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  1. “Mad dog” thinks the “four kittens” haven’t read AL, and I think “mad dog” hasn’t read the Bible. Between me and “mad dog,” maybe one of us has a point here.

  2. Indeed Maradiaga has a point. The whole church structure is falling apart like a house of cards and the kitten cardinals look for clarity on the stinking-like-clogged-toilet Amoris Fecalis lenghty heresy!

    The modernists have already moved on to phase II to make Amoris Laetitia truly Amoris Fecalis by promoting faggotry to the sinfully docile sheep. They are already blessing buggers, advocating for sodomite “priests” and praising the pro-sodomy excrement defecated by James Martin SJ (Society of Judas).

  3. How do you know Maradiaga is funded by Soros?

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