The Silent Chatting Cardinal Is Of No Use

“Your Grace, when will you issue a formal condemnation of Amoris Laetitia?”

This should be the first and, if necessary, second, third, fourth and only question every Catholic journalist poses to every Cardinal at any time.

Every now and then I see headlines about this or that Cardinal who has given another interview.

I don't even open the link anymore.

These Cardinals make me think of generals inviting the soldiers to make their bunk accurately, or to clean their weapons properly, whilst the enemy is invading. Not wrong in itself, but one should focus on the real emergency and real priority.

There is one and only one thing to do for every Cardinal in the present situation: condemn Amoris Laetitia as heretical. If they do this, all the rest can wait. If they don't do this, whatever they say is obfuscation, hypocrisy and dereliction of duty however valid the reminder to properly clean our weapons.

There is a huge emergency going on, and no Cardinal should think that blabbering around about other issues will allow them to escape their duty. They should be reminded about it every time. They should, more to the point, not be allowed to look good giving interviews about safe issues (or moderately conservative ones) when they are just refusing to do their job.

I am not interested in knowing what Cardinal X or Y think about “divisions” in the Church. I am not interested in their opinion about whether Amoris Laetitia causes any kind of problem. I want to know when they will condemn the document as heretical.

Until that time comes, the Cardinals should spare us the latest utterances about things we already know, and reflect on the things they have a duty to say and we have the right to hear.

The chatting Cardinal who refuse to condemn Amoris Laetitia is still silent; and he is perfectly useless, or worse.



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  1. It is not coming. If a formal correction was coming, it would already have been issued. There is no need nor reason for delay. It is not coming.
    To not choose is to choose, or better yet, to choose not to is to choose. Their silence is no longer a scandal. It was, but isn’t any more. We know what we have, many of us. We have not men who wear the martyrs red for authentic reasons. These men will not even be unpopular for Christ.

  2. Proving once again that we are all living under the wrath of God, deprived of many graces and await only a supernatural solution. We must all obey Our Lady even more faithfully and increase our prayer and penance. These Cardinals do not have the grace to do what ought to be done because we, the faithful, have not earned it for them. It is 2017 – what are we going to do today for penance and sacrifice?

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