Francis Is The Enemy Of The Church. And He Is The Pope.



Let me say my two words about the situation we are in, and the conclusion we must, logically, reach for ourselves.

I agree: Francis hates the Church.

I agree: Francis is a heretical Pope.

I agree: the crisis we are living in unprecedented.

Does this, then, un-Pope the Pope?


Things are what they are. We can’t create a parallel world because we don’t like the situation we are in. This would be just as naive as going around crying “not my President” after Trump’s victory. Trump is the President all right. Francis is the Pope all right. There is not even even an alternative pretendent not gone out of a cartoon.

If Pope Francis were to come out as a pedophile and celebrate black masses he would still be the reigning Pope pending his death or deposition, exactly in the same way as the heretical Honorius was still Pope, every day of his life, unchallenged, until he kicked the bucket. Also, reflect on the fact that the succession of the Pope would have been valid even if Honorius had never been officially proclaimed heretic. When he died, Christianity did not stop breathing waiting for a declaration which, alone, would give legitimacy to the Papacy. If this had been so, it would not have been possible to say that his successor was legitimately elected.

Any form of “Francis-is-not-the-Pope-ism” is a flight into absurdity. It is what it is. Reality stares us in the face. Denying it is of no use. Reality has a way of imposing itself on us.

As they say in Italy, “expert maintain that the bumblebee cannot fly; but he does not know it, and flies anyway” (I know, it’s not true). This bumblebee in white and his successors will be elected Pope, and seen as such by the entire planet, no matter how much we refuse to see reality.

Why, then, this situation?

How to reconcile the crisis beyond belief with the obvious fact, staring at us in the face, of a heretical Pope? I have no doubts whatsoever about the answer: the crisis beyond belief is the result of a rebellion beyond belief: the Second Vatican Council.

The Church is indefectible, but she is not – on this earth at least – a perfect, immaculate porcelain vase. Our Lord allows Her to be scarred, marred, dirtied by bad Popes and worse clergy, and still survive every crisis.

The unprecedented arrogance and rebellion of the Second Vatican Council has – nay: had to – cause an unprecedented crisis involving the very organs who were accomplices and drivers of this rebellion. V II was initiated by a Pope, and the explosion of this bubo takes the form of a grotesquely rebellious Pope. V II was enabled and supported by Cardinals, and the very institution of the Cardinalate might not survive the tragic times we are living, so discredited and utter shamed are them, all of them, with no exception. V II was driven in all corners of the planet by stupid bishops, and this stupidity comes now back to us amplified many times. V II was helped all the way by faithless priests, and we are now being flooded with effeminate excuses of shepherds. Last but not least, V II was embraced by a multitude of dumb oxes, calling themselves Catholic, who, after benefiting from an amazing string of excellent Popes, were ready to throw orthodoxy overboard in favour of the new fashionable way.

All of them culpable, all of them punished by the Lord: starting from the Papacy down to us, the dumb oxes.

It is clear to me – and I have written this several times now – that the Lord is punishing us for the unprecedented rebellion of V II, giving us an overdose of that same poison we once thought so good for us.

We are getting the aggiornamento rammed down our throat in the most brutal of ways, because this is what we have deserved.

When this crisis is gone – and you and I might die before seeing that day – the future generations will see with elegant clarity not a single culprit (Francis) but a blasphemous process, starting at the beginning of the Sixties and unavoidably leading to its end: chaos and shame.

Shame on the Pope, the Cardinals, the Bishops, the priests and, well, us. Shame on us for playing along with the church wreckers.

Francis is the explosion of the bubo. The bubo has been there more than fifty years. We reap what we saw.

This is all there is to know.


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  1. What more is there to say!. In such critical times, faithful Catholics can only hear the Holy Mass, say their rosaries and prayers and offer up these painful times in conformity with the will of God. Because Pope Francis is the pope, no matter how terrible he is, we should nevertheless prayer for his conversion or that God will intervene to stop his rampage.

  2. The starkness of our reality is heart breaking.

  3. God does not expect us to do mental gymnastics to figure out who is pope. Your explanation makes perfect sense.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Vatican II was a disaster. Dorothy Day, American Alinskyite and Marxist, was invited to attend, and crowed over this opportunity to attend and to “inform” her readers in the “Catholic Worker” of what she viewed through her “red spectacles,” figuratively speaking.

  5. Yes indeed. After flirting with sedevacantism for a while, I had to come to this conclusion also. There is simply no Catholic Church without a Pope

  6. I stopped “playing along with church wreckers” many years ago when I went back to where I came from: the Catholic Church known currently as Traditionalist
    Sia lodato Gesù Cristo!

  7. One holy priest said that the Catholic Church missionary work is almost totally lost due to proclaiming all religions are the same and they get their own different ways to heaven. Why we need to bring them back for? Catholic is not a true church anymore? We shot our own feet. Domine, miserere nobis.

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