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Even My Cat Is More Catholic Than The Pope!

Pope “Evil Clown” Francis has spoken in front of the usual, convenient audience of opportunists and assorted sycophants, and was applauded when he issued the following admonitions to his abused sheep: “do not clericalise the laity” and “don’t be more Papist than the Pope”.

I must say I had to smile.

The laity is being “clericalised” (that is: seen as the authentic carriers of the Catholic message) because the clergy shamelessly, insistently, blatantly refuse to do their job. If the local priest talks rubbish all the time and the bloggers online talk sense, it is fairly obvious that everyone with even a faint interest in his salvation will look to the latter for his instruction, and will look at the former as an embarrassment at best and a disgrace at worst. Actually, woe to the one who swallows all the excrement the bad priest dishes to him and thinks he is being a good Catholic. He is dancing on the brink of hell as he smiles “peace beeeee with youuuuuuu” to his pew neighbour.

The same goes for the second, astonishingly clericalist affirmation of the Evil Clown.

Heck, my cat is more Catholic than he is! The plant in my living room! The spider outside of my front door! It is fair to say that even Luther is more Catholic than this tool here! And why would I, then, not want to be more Catholic than such a tool!? Who this idiot thinks he is, the metre of what is Catholic? What unspeakable arrogance!

Catholicism is not measured according to the Pope. On the contrary: the Pope is measured according to Catholicism!

Francis is not only an enemy of the Church. He is a very stupid one. His statements confirm both that good Catholics have ceased looking at the clergy for guidance on who and what is Catholic, and that every good Catholic knows that he is far more Catholic than the Pope.

And there we have him, this old lewd nincompoop, telling us to please consider that he is the Pope, and may we therefore eat all the heretical, socialist, blasphemous excrement he dishes us day in and day out, incessantly, with a Satan-driven logorrhoea that exposes every day the mediocrity of his intellect and the arrogance of what little intellect he has.

Repent or go to hell, you old lewd blasphemous cretin.

We, who are infinitely more Catholic than you are, will try to save our souls clinging to Catholicism instead.


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