Mental Gymnastics And Sensus Catholicus

God does not expect us to do mental gymnastics to figure out who is pope.

These words were posted as a comment by long-time reader and commenter extraordinaire, Akita.

This is one single line. One line that has, in itself, more reason in it than the endless streams of conspiracy theories or abstruse reasoning we read from many parts.

There was once, somewhere I forgot, a video interview with a pretender to the throne of Peter, appointed by a handful of people, mostly relatives, but still taking himself very seriously. Apparently the man spoke true Catholicism and was very nice and personable to boot. The problem is that the man did not practice true Catholicism, and niceness is neither here nor there.

Catholicism is complicated in its details but it is very simple in its logic. It is matter for theologians, for sure; but it is not made for them.

Catholicism is made for domestic servants, peasants, and miners. It is made for the cleaning lady and the factory worker. It asks for nothing more than to cling to the simple truths that have been transmitted. It does not require anyone to reason – much less decide – who is Pope. Particularly when – as today – there is no one claiming to be Pope that has not been elected in his parent’s kitchen, or thereabouts.

Whenever the next heresy or blasphemy of the Evil Clown leads you to doubt who is Pope (in which I always see the sure sign of the aspiring Cardinal) think about the words of Akita, and the situation will seem much clearer in an instant.

God bless the sensus Catholicus. God knows we have great need of it.




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  1. “God does not expect us to do mental gymnastics to figure out who is pope.”

    Sorry, I disagree. During the Western Schism nobody knew who the real Pope was, and it lasted 30 year, with saints on both sides, and with good arguments! Perhaps the better arguments were in the Avignon faction. In fact, Benedict XIII Luna (antipope) was a well-known and very respected canonist and an honourable man, and Benedict XIII Orsini (pope), 300 years later, signed the first weeks of his pontificate as Benedict XIV until someone pointed him the mistake. And Alexander V (antipope of Pisa faction) appeared as pope in the Annuario Pontificio in times of S. Pius X, and there is no pope Alexander V because Rodrigo de Borja (Borgia) adopted Alexander VI.

    There are some scholars nowadays defending the legitimacy of Benedict XIII Luna.

    • I have made the further observation that there is no one else demanding the throne (who is not a joke) exactly to prevent observations like the one you made.

      The argument remains that if there is no one else who has a credible argument that he is the real Pope instead of Francis (not even Benedict advances such a claim) the FrancisVacantist position is untenable.

      As a last observation, I would refrain from the “some say” argument. There is always someone who says something.

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