Dumb Pope Plays World Leader, Does Not Know The Facts, Fails Miserably

Pope Francis was notably absent from the chess board.

Pope Francis has dished us another portion of involuntary comics with his latest interview on the plane.

There is so much nonsense in this interview that even Aleteia readers should be able to detect it without difficulties.

The very assertion that a war between North Korea and the USA could destroy “a good part of humanity” shows basic ignorance of (or wilful deception about) the fact that North Korea does not have the ability to launch nuclear warheads. One thing is the ability to cause a nuclear reaction to take place is some huge cavern (every Western Country has the technology to do so), quite another is to have this ability transferred to a warhead. Francis' assertion is made even more stupid by the simple consideration that Trump's showdown with the North Korean is due exactly to the necessity to avoid that this kind of threat becomes reality one day (and if we listen to Francis it most certainly will). This man goes blabbering around and he hasn't the faintest idea of what the facts on the ground are.

Almost as dumb is the second pearl, the idea that North Korea would be willing to see reason if some neutral third party like Norway asks them to please be nice. I wonder what Francis has been smoking these past several decades, but whatever it was it blinded him completely to the obvious reality of a regime so dug in in its own ideological trench that nothing short of the certainty of harsh punishment can – if it all can – deter them from digging themselves deeper in it to the endangerment of us all. Heck, they don't even listen to the Chinese! But no, give them a Francismediator and soon it will be biscuits and wine all around.

Thirdly – and I will stop there out of sheer exhaustion – is the typical Francisidea (and, typically, uncatholic thinking) that the United Nations should be the world policeman dealing with these issues. The man comes to the point of complaining that the UN is not powerful enough.

You don't say, Francis dear? And you already go to school, dear little boy?

I thank God that Hitlery was defeated and we have at the helm a real man, with real balls, and the for him very typical “can do” rather than “will talk” attitude. A man forced to pick up the problems the Gay Mulatto left to grow unchecked, and apparently determined to see the end of them.

War is never pleasant. But at times, it is necessary. Effeminate leaders will dance around the issues and let them grow worse, but decisive leaders will tackle the dangers before they get out of control.

The stupidity of Chamberlain, who wanted to “avoid war”, was instrumental in giving us WWII. There is hope that this time, the modern Chamberlain was replaced in time before the worst happens.

As to Francis, he can set his heart at peace: in matters of peace and war, the UN will continue to count less than my cat.

And so will he.



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  1. Maybe Pope Francis could pull a Jimmy Carter with Kim Jong-un with a personal sit-down for peace. Whatever happens, how could we lose?

  2. johnfkennedy63

    You keep mentioning your cat in your posts. It must be a nice cat, smarter than the average Bishop.

    • My cat keeps mocking Francis, you see. There is almost no day without some acute meowing of his.
      Now my cat is smart, but he is still a cat. If he doesn’t buy Francis, how could a Catholic?

    • And I forgot… My cat is smarter than the average bishop, but he is the first to consider this a very small compliment….

  3. The Pope shouldn’t speak on world political issues he doesn’t understand. He should stick to spiritual matters. Oh, wait, he’s not good at that either!

  4. Your cat is worthy of his owner. Had he been a modernist, would you kick him out?

  5. I cheer your point about President Trump. I would have said it more delicately, surely, but, I agree with you 100%. People and nations have a lot in common. Weakness is a draw for bullies, and here they come, ready to inflict their will on the weak. Even if their brag and bluster is all talk, they cannot be allowed to go on and on.
    We are grateful, so grateful, for President Trump. We have a plethora, a surplus, a bounty, of sissified males. Nobody was more limp-wristed than Obama. He saved his strong-arm techniques for his political enemies in the US, anybody who didn’t “look like him”. It’s great to have a man in the White House. We aren’t used to a real man anymore, and when people hear one talk now, it seems over the top. It’s not, it’s providential and right on time. Women can get it done too, it’s just more rare. France may have one in Marine Le Pen, and we hope they get this election right or, it’s lights out for the French.

    • Amen! I live outside the horribly liberal Portland, OR, USA. We had ‘concerned democrats’ burning police cars and breaking windows, etc, etc on Monday night. They are crazy! I can’t foretell what is looming, but I think it can’t be good. It is rare that I am speechless, but for the moment, I am.

  6. sixlittlerabbits

    One of the little rabbits lives in Japan, and he says North Korea is worse than Red China.

    This pope is a joke. Christ told Peter once, “Get thou behind me, Satan.”

  7. Gay muslim mulatto!!!

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