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Making Whopee – “2017 Dumb Liberal Edition”

Her long hair excludes women with cancer; her hands excludes those who are maimed; her voice excludes the deaf; her brains offend the intelligent

Let me look at the pic of this young woman and go all snowflake on her:

Her hair excludes those women who are undergoing cancer treatment; her hands exclude the maimed; her voice excludes the mute, her walking excludes those the women forced to use a wheelchair.

Methinks, her brains offend the intelligent.

In an unavoidable spreading this side of the Pond of the politically correct madness already en vogue in the US, the call has now been issued to “ban clapping and whooping” among UK university student.

Why? It excludes the deaf, dear.

This is stupid beyond belief, and the fact that such jokes are not only made, but are taken seriously among the representatives of the assumed elites of tomorrow tells you all you need to know about how many of these geniuses struggle to find any kind of employment that is not artificially created by a wasteful government: the social workers, enablers and facilitators of all sorts.

It also tells you why well-educated foreigners like yours truly will continue to thrive and prosper in this Country.

As an aside, I invite you to reflect on what the opinions of these geniuses concerning abortion, war, perversion and … Trump will, unavoidably, be. No prize for the winners.

The post-Christian era has created an unprecedented mass stupidity. But the modern stupid feel better educated and wiser than their ancestors, and therefore yap incessantly about their own foolishness. For the record, they are neither educated nor wise, no matter what their useless degree might say.

God bless Trump's plumbers and factory workers, miners and carpenters. They have more wisdom in their little fingers than these idiots in their entire airhead.




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