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Never Tire Of Winning: Repealing And Replacing Obamacare

I was writing just yesterday my forecast that at some point, Trump would manage to broker a viable solution for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. Apparently, in those same hours a new vote was announced, and the new law obtained a majority in the House today, allegedly with further improvements now expected from the Senate round.

Whilst I am confident this will pass at some point, I will rejoice after the new legislation is definitively passed.

But I can already tell you this: where Paul “UniParty' Ryan failed miserably, twice, Donald Trump has managed to broker a solution that satisfies the Freedom Caucus (and therefore us) whilst not losing the numerous Cuckservatives sadly still present in the House. The Art of the Deal, indeed!

Note how shrewdly the man makes the best of what he has (he does not have a conservative majority in the House, merely a Republican one) and achieves the double objective of making Ryan look like the incompetent cuck he is whilst showing excellent skills in obtaining what can be obtained and reconciling apparently unreconcilable differences.

Also note this: Trump seems to always have the end result in mind. In order to achieve it, he will always be able to make partial concessions or sacrifices down the way. But the final objective he will pursue with grim determination.

As in this case here. Trump let Ryan smash his project against a wall. Then he picked the pieces, put them together, improved them and got House approval for it. Trump looks as statesmanlike as he deserves, Ryan looks like the cuck he is.

This will take more time but I am confident it will succeed. God willing, the 2018 mid-term elections will give the US a real conservative majority and safer number in the Senate. Then we will see a further improvement of this law.

Never tire of winning.


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