The Dumb Pretender

Pope Francis will be in Fatima on Saturday for the obvious celebration of the centenary of the first apparition of Our Lady to the three children. Whilst it was obvious the man would travel, I cannot avoid finding his presence in Fatima an insult to the Blessed Virgin.

Reading about an anti-Catholic Pope insulting Catholics and Catholicism from one of the places not only most sacred to millions of them, but most closely linked to the sanely conservative Catholic movement will be the last unreal episode in an unreal papacy. Brezhnev himself, coming to preach communism, would not have been a worse insult than this old lewd man, who will preach something very similar to Brezhnev anyway.

Francis will fly to Fatima and will, for the umpteenth time, spread his satanical “gospel according to Juan Peron”.

Countless faithful bloggers, and a handful of journalists, will counter word for word.

It is a safe bet that no bishop or Cardinal will have anything to object.

It may seem to the superficial that the man is getting his way, but I disagree. The strategy is dumb. Francis can never win with a frontal attack against two thousand years of tradition. He can deceive those who want to be deceived, and try with unconfessed uneasiness to tell themselves that they will be fine when they die, because they are following the Pope. But they all know, to the last one, what is truth and what is lie.

Also, the voices of opposition to this shameless circus are countless, and getting better known to the mainstream as the scandal increases. Some of them will tire, some will die, some might even move to the dark side of FrancisChurch. But the others will go on, and they will see Francis to his tomb all right.

This will never be a winning strategy. It is too blunt, too obvious, too damn stupid. It is a wrecking ball impossible not to notice. It is unavoidable that, in time, the wrecking ball be destroyed and the reconstruction started.

If Francis had been smart, he would have used a much lighter, subtler approach, leaving it to his successors to continue the insidious work of destruction. But Francis is dumb, vain, and petty. He wants the limelight for himself. He does not even seem to care of the contempt of Catholics, because they are people he despises. He cares for the applause of his own buddies: the atheists, the wordly, the adulterers, the leftists, the perverts, the dirty souls of all varieties. So what if his work will fail one day. This does not seem one believing in life after death. He is not concerned with what happens after he has died. He wants to drink from the chalice of easy popularity as long as he lives.

Francis in Fatima is, firstly, an offence to the Blessed Virgin. Secondly, it is a spit in the face of orthodox Catholics. But it is also a surreal joke, an utterly ridiculous freak show made of clowns dressing in black, purple, red and white.

Dumb, vain, and petty. You can only destroy so much with such an attitude.

Make no mistake: the Chuch will swallow this clown whole.



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  1. I wonder if Francis and his cabal are, in fact, more informed than we give them credit for. I agree that the rush to “complete Vatican II” is imprudent, but as it is, it might in their mind be the “only option.” It may well be that the tea leaves are turning against the “God is lurv” crowd and what they’ve discovered is the future belongs to the orthodox.

    • I don’t know if any person can be so foreseeing. But if I were him and feared a consolidation of traditionalism in the decade to come I would feel *more* motivated to subvert Catholicism in a subtle way. In a way, there is no denying this man is helping Traditionalists to unmask the fraud of v II.

  2. His time is approaching the end that’s reason why he has to double his efforts to eliminate the Church ASAP, otherwise either way he will face Hell firing squad. He, I believe only fear of Satan, not God.

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