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The Ass That Keeps On Braying, And How To Deal With It.

Be docile to the Spirit (that is: to my heresies!)....

I am at times – like, I suspect, many – tempted to just ignore Francis. It's not only that the man is so boringly repetitive. It is that one tends to think at times that the entire planet has had enough of this ever-talking man and the best thing to do is to help the world forget his miserable existence.

However, I then reflect that, much as the world has already suffered Francis Overload, the man is still the Pope and will therefore always get more resonance boxes than we would like. There is, in fact, an entire industry – made of Catholic magazines and, in some Countries, Catholicism sections of big newspapers – literally living out of what the Vatican does and the Pope says, and they will not let Francis go unnoticed no matter how many heresies he can spout in one day.

Therefore, it behooves us to do our best so that Francis' heresies, sacrileges, and assorted stupidities be exposed again and again, untiringly. If the man has decided that he has nothing better to do than to promote heresy, we must have nothing better to do than to expose it.

But this is just half of the story and, as I have already done in the past, I must stress another important ingredient in the fight against heresy: the utter demolition and complete destruction of the man's reputation.

Heresy is not only fought with rational (and obvious) arguments about the sanctity of marriage, the importance and meaning of the Sacraments, or the spotlessness of the Blessed Virgin. Heresy is also fought by ridiculing the heretic, exposing his evil dumbness for all the world to see. If we want the Papacy to be upheld, it is necessary that such an insult to the Papacy be utterly and completely insulted, annihilated, incinerated, made the butt of jokes the Catholic world over.

Whatever traction Francis still might have with low-information, low-IQ, high-excuse “faithful” (invaluable immortal souls, all of them, no matter how dumb) is due to the pussyfooting of too many critics towards Francis. If the criticism of Francis had been robustly offensive since, say, 2014 at the very latest, we would today experience a far more discredited Pope.

Ridicule is an extremely powerful weapon. Calling an idiot an idiot is a true wake-up call for many who are slumbering. Disabuse the people around you of the “but he is the Pope” emergency exit. Go all over him with the steamroller. Leave no doubt whatever in your listener as to what you think. Your words as a devout Catholic will carry more weight in those who know you than forty BBC pro-Francis reportings.

Therefore, my suggestion to you is:

1. Never tire of countering Francis.

2. Incinerate the man with everyone you can reach.

Francis is in total opposition to Catholicism, and a massive insult to the Papacy. If you want to defend the institution, you must attack its enemy.

Keep braying, old lewd man.

We are ready.







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