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The Ass Dressed In White



It is reported by Rorate Caeli (with the text to prove it) that the Evil Clown is going to refer himself as the “Bishop dressed in white” of the famous “third secret” of Fatima.

The mind boggles. And, actually, laughs a bit, too.

In my eyes one of the following is happening:

1. The Blessed Virgin appeared to Francis and told him he is the Bishop dressed in White.

No, really. Just kidding…

2. Francis has no idea what he is talking about.

This is the most probable. It's also very, very frequent.

3. Francis wants to style himself as a sort of martyr in waiting.

This is, however, too stupid even for him.

I'll go for 2. then.

See blog post title.



Lock Her Up, Mr President!


The welcome firing of Mr Comey from the head of the FBI opens a number of interesting scenarios. It appears evident (to me, at least) that Trump waited to fire the dolt until it became very clear that by doing so he was not hampering an investigation against him. This is why in the short, brutal letter communicating the dismissal, Trump states that Comey told him three times (how biblical, by the way) he was not being investigated. 

It is also evident (because it appears in the letters of the AG and, much more in detail, of the deputy AG) that the way Comey handled the investigation against Hitlery was instrumental in Sessions & Co.’s decision the man is just unfit for the job.

Well, with a smart AG and an FBI deprived of the swamp at its very top it is now the perfect time to put the foot on the gas pedal concerning not only the server (how much we do not know yet about that? Are we really sure Mr Weiner’s laptop did not have more compromising material?) but also the pay-for-play system of the two Clinton foundations. This here is just an appetiser. This is a gigantic swamp waiting to be drained.

Then there would be the matters of the leaks, of the unmasking of US names facilitated by Obama officials, and of the Obama-sponsored wire tapping of Trump communications. These are all issues that will certainly benefit from having a man at the top of the FBI interested in draining the swamp rather than be a part of it.       

Let me close with a couple of ancillary observations: 

  1. Once again, we see here Trumpism at work. He could have fired Comey on the 20 January. He waited for the time that appeared right to him. This man is not in the least as impulsive as his tweets make him appear. 
  2. Trump is walking testosterone. He knew the decision to fire Comey would cause a huge amount of fake indignation in all those who wanted Comey to be fired when it did not suit them. The man not only is not afraid, but attacks frontally with several tweets after firing Comey. The next years will be such fun I literally can’t wait.


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