The Queen Of Vatican Communications

Below Father Martin has a list of very correct things said about him. I wanted to share this as, seen that Father Martin wants the world to know what kind of tool he is, I thought I would help him. However, notice that I do not approve of the use of the word “gay” to mean a sodomite. 

This disgraceful individual, this pathetic queen in priestly clothes, truly embodies everything that is wrong with FrancisChurch. 

Pray for his immortal soul, that he may avoid burning in hell forever. 

Just avoid betting your pint that he will. 



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  1. This tired ‘devil quoting scripture’ template of a sermon is so commonly delivered by those clergymen suffering from various gender confused ideas that it is practically a diagnostic tool.

  2. I certainly do agree with some of the comments which he quotes but I would not make such comments public if I thought them. He does respond well to those comments and that is to his credit. However, I am sure that some of them at least will have given him cause for thought and that can only be a good thing in that it is charitable to point out to those who are ignorant of what wrong they are doing when they espouse false doctrine.

    • Very funny. It’s not difficult to find what you call “good” answers (which they aren’t) when he had all the time to reflect on them. And they really aren’t, they are only trite replies with no bite.
      He does not dare to deny he is a fag, though.

  3. All he can do is purse his lips and smirk in response to what are generally accurate and discerning criticisms of his writing and thinking. He’s really got nothing.

    • Exactly. In contrast, the criticism is very much to the point.
      I only disapprove of the word “gay”, but hey, people must re-learn to express themselves in the proper way.

  4. He believes that there is hell? How uncharitable and judgemental! Of course, Jesus didn’t exactly say: Judge not.
    The smug Raca knows it.

  5. Fake calmness and arrogance = modernist heretic trademarks. Nice tweets, btw 🙂

    • I think he went in full “Queen Bitch” mode for several hours before managed some trite smiles in front of the cameras.
      Btw, fags love cameras.

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